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10/11/06: Milo's Ranch is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization that exclusively takes in and treats birds infected with PDD (Proventricular Dilatation Disease aka Macaw wasting). Since the summer of 2006, in repeated thefts, Milo's Ranch has had 10 PDD infected parrots stolen from our Loxahatchee, Florida facility.

Although Dr. Susan Clubb, our attending vet, closely monitors the treatment of our birds, there still is no cure for this contagious and fatal disease. This makes the thefts all the more disturbing. We assume the thief is selling them to unsuspecting breeders. Ten could potentially infect 1000's.

The stolen birds include Macaws: 2 Greenwings, 2 Blue & Gold, 1 Catalina; Cockatoos: 2 Rose-breasted, 1 Major Mitchell's; 1 male Eclectus, and 1 Nan-jen Conure. We are desparate to get our birds back to avoid further contamination of other facilities.

Any information leading to the return of these birds and/or arrest of the thief will be kept strictly confidential.

We can be reached at 954-249-7713 or info@milosranch.org. For more information, you can view a video clip of the local news report of the thefts here

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1/06 - LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA BIRD THEFT: "Someone broke into my aviary, stole 7 parrots and killed one. Birds taken were: a pair of Eclectus (Solomon male and possible RS/Sol mix female), 2 Mexican Redheaded Amazons (aka Greencheek Amazons), 2 Whitefronted Amazons (aka Spectacled Amazons) and 1 Bluefront Amazon. The Bluefront Amazon is not 100% healthy - she has aspergillosis, still has breathing difficulties, and may need meds." Owner is heartbroken. Contact Anna Kasho at 310-562-0172


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49 BIRDS RECOVERED! STOLEN BIRDS: Help Kimberly find them.   www.lutinoquaker.com

With enough vigilance, networking, and many prayers, we should see more miracles happen in the recovery of the following birds. Please get involved. 

7/14/98 - LOST, AK - African Grey. Lost in the area of Aurora Park, between O'Malley Rd. and Dimond Blvd. Last seen heading west across Old Seward Highway. The family is heartbroken and very worried. The weather has been cool and rainy. This bird needs to found fast! Please call if you have seen Ruby. Ruby is an 8 year old Congo African Grey. She is tame and friendly. She is not banded. Contact: Lindy/Nancy (reporting for Lindy) E-Mail: fullcrop@alaska.net 

3/12/99 - LOST, AL - The birds name is Chipper. He is a male parrotlet, mostly green with some blue coloration. He was lost in Homewood, AL. The bird belongs to my mother. Contact numbers are 205-879-0066 or 205-979-7368. Email address for John Roden is roden@ibm.net

4/24/00 - TUCSON, AZ - Lost African Grey Parrot  ... last seen Monday 4/24/00 Avation / Country Club area. Medium gray parrot with dark red tail. She has slightly deformed toes and a silver band. Lynette  881-9420.

4/11/00 - LOST, AZ - Sun Conure, Sara, flew out in vicinity of Kolb & Golf Links. This is our home phone number
(520)748-8873 and my husband (George) work phnbr is (520)434-7103. regards,Diana

5/2/99 - FOUND, AZ - A pied tiel (was unclipped) was found June 2 West side of Tucson, near El Camino Del Cerro.  Not tame (perhaps was someone's breeder). Email cklamer@juno.com for details.
4/1/99 - LOST, AZ - An older, breeder, hyacinth macaw escaped from it's home last night, April first 1999, just before dusk. The general area last seen was Scottsdale Road and Sweetwater. The bird was seen heading north/northwest just before the storm/coldfront hit last night. The owners and his friends are offering a REWARD for the return of this bird. It's mate is missing the bird too!!! Please call RAY at (602) 922-8527 or MARY (602) 992-2273.
1/5/99 - LOST, AZ - Pet BlueHead Pionus. Lost in the Phoenix area of 29th St. and 28th St., between Oak and Sheridan. Took off Monday evening, but I was able to track him two blocks away on Tuesday morning. He wasn't ready to come home yet, and flew again. I lost sight of him between 29th St and 28th Place on Sheridan. Percy is reasonably friendly, but kind of nervous. Has been picking his feathers, and appears quite frazzled green/grey. His head is, of course, blue! He has blue and red feathers under the tail. He is missing part of the right, outside toe. Knows many phrases, including "Percy is a pretty bird!" "I smell orange juice," and "I smell french fries!" If you have any information about this bird, please e-mail me at tingle@phnx.uswest.net, or call IMMEDIATELY at (602) 553-8613. The pain of living without Percy is really dragging me down. Please help! A. Tingle.

11/18/98 - LOST, AZ - Pet Conure flew out the door in Tucson, Arizona. Description is lots of red, yellow, blue and green...owner unfamiliar with different types of conures, but sounds like a Sun Conure. Any information, please call Christina Becerra at 520-884-7783, or page her at 520-930-4222.

11/11/98 - FOUND, AZ - I got a call this morning from a guy who has a parrot in his tree outside. He said it's a pretty big green bird that talks with red on the bends of his wings. Sounds like an amazon. I haven't seen anyone on the lists missing one, but I just thought I'd spread the word around. We are trying to get someone over there to help catch the bird. Amber apuckett@DANCRIS.COM

UPDATE: Sybil and TJ went out this morning and managed to catch the amazon that was in the tree. They do not want to say what kind it is until they can find the owners. The bird is in isolation and although very hungry, seems healthy and not too badly affected by this ordeal. They were able to catch the bird by sitting on the ground and spreading a feast from TJ's feet to his knees and eventually the hungry bird came down and began to eat. They made no quick moves to "grab" the bird knowing that they had exactly one chance to get it right. From the time they left w/ the bird it took approx. one hour. Betsy
10/98 - LOST, AZ - Jenday Conure, 1-1/2 years old, gold head, red breast, green body. Answers to Simba. Lost in early October in Adonis area of Marana, Arizona. Please call Shari at 520-682-2508.
8/26/98 - FOUND, AZ - Found cockatiel in the eastern side of Tucson, AZ Grey color.....could be male.....fully flighted does whistle, haven't heard it talk... please contact Sharon or Cary @ 322 9865 or smloper@worldnet.att.net
6/2/98 - FOUND, AZ - Conure. This bird was called in by my CAG. It was found near Metro Center. If owner does not step forward within 2 or 3 weeks this very nice bird will go to a breeding program. For I.D. purposes I need the TYPE of conure, a DESCRIPTION, and whether BANDED /NOT BANDED. Contact David Todd: Phone Number: 602-439-4741. Email: Davt97@Aol.com
5/30/98 - FOUND, AZ - My CAG called in a large green conure on the 30th..... strange but true. that conure knew there were birds in the house. I took Roscoe outside (clipped of coarse...) and this conure swooped to join him on his perch. Hmmmm. Kinda makes one wonder. Anyway, I do know what kind of conure this is, but for I.D. I need Type, Description, and Banded/ or not. This bird was found in Phoenix, AZ, close to Metro Center. Thx again, Dave (Davt97@aol.com)
5/16/98 - LOST, AZ - Lutino Cockatiel in the Tucson, Speedway/Camino Seco area. Bird has a silver NCS band, NCS57B. The bird is a pet, and extremely friendly. If found, please contact Jean or Barbara @ 520-296-5356 Thanks!
5/12/98 - THEFT, AZ - This information was submitted by Kathleen J. Burns, of Glendale, AZ.On Tuesday, May 12, 1998, a thief (or thieves) climbed a six foot block wall and entered a locked flight on her patio. At this time, a Moustached Parakeet hen was taken; along with two Moustached Parakeet eggs from a clutch in an adjacent flight. On Friday, May 8, 1998, the flight was once again entered, and a mature male Moustached Parakeet was taken. Capitan-it & Korey are both banded, but the numbers are unknown. Both birds have clipped wings.Korey's beak is deep orange and the tip is very light - almost yellow. The beak is also hooked more than normal. Capitan-it's most notable speech is "No Sam", "Down Sam". Korey's phrases include "Hello", "Hello there", "Hello Korey", "Howdy", "Uh-Oh", "Good Boy", "Pretty Boy", "Good-bye", "Shut Up", and "Oh Shit". Korey also does a wonderful imitation of an alarm clock! If you have any information that will assist in return Capitan-it and Korey to their proper home, you can contact the Glendale Police Department at (602)930-3050 and reference Report Number 98-46349. You can also contact Kathleen at (602)930-9977 or via email at Kathe_Burns@msn.com
4/21/98 - LOST - AZ - This morning, April 21st, 1998 Joyce A. Frenette went out to pick up the paper at her home in Apache Junction, AZ, accompanied by her Blue Crown Conure, Pede. Pede apparently got startled and flew away. Pede does not have a band. He does pluck at his chest feathers. Identifying Speech patterns include: "pede", "pretty bird", "pretty", "come here", "rock", and "heah". He will also make gargling sounds if someone gargles. Joyce can be contacted via phone at (602) 288-7928, or via email at pede@webtv.net.
4/1/98 - LOST, AZ - Cockatiel, female, yellow, white, grey with yellow crest, orange cheeks. Answers to Solaris. Lost in Silverbell and St. Mary's area near A Mountain. Missed dearly. REWARD. Please call 520-623-4279.
3/27/98 - LOST, AZ - I received a call today from a person that lost her pet Quaker in Northwest Tucson. REWARD. joyceb@U.ARIZONA.EDU
3/4/98 - PHOENIX, AZ - Umbrella Cockatoo, Aggie. I live in the Phoenix AZ area. My friend has had her house broken into today. They stole her "Aggie", which is an Umbrella Cockatoo. The lowlife thief had to have chased her bird as there were feathers laying in various parts of the house. And sadly, the rug, (where some feathers were also) was frayed where Aggie must have been trying her best to hold on with her beak. This is very upsetting as poor Aggie is probably terrified, if still alive. If you get any info, notice a new bird in a pet store that fits this etc., please let us know and we will forward. Contact parrot@execpc.comnancy@601.comor birdhotline@hotmail.com
4/13/00 LOST, CA - Lost Cockatiel "Pico" took flight on 4/13/00 in Union City, CA (San Francisco Bay--East Bay) close to the Fremont border.  Pico is white w/orange cheeks. He is very friendly and loves people. REWARD. Please contact lreynoso@wsgr.com or 510-441-7555.

4/5/00 FOUND, CA - LOCATION=Woodlake & Victory PET=yes SPECIES=call to ID. DESCRIPTION=You must call and tell US what you lost, a description of behavior, etc. Call Alan or Stephanie (818) 710-8835 or e-mail rdnprty@earthlink.net

3/27/00 LOST, CA - Lost in Los Altos, California (near Miramonte and Cuesta). SPECIES=cockatiels:  two of them
AGE=10 years old each DESCRIPTION=one grey, "Baby"; one yellow Lutino, "Rosie"  Baby requires medical attention; she is very sick (her tail bobs up and down).  Rosie use to have a problem with one of her nostrils, but she's in excellent health. Call Jeanette at (650) 812-4705 or e-mail figueroa@parc.xerox.com
5/27/99 - STOLEN, CA -  My friend just called and her proven pair of Princess of Wales (blue male/green hen) was stolen this afternoon, May 27, from Yuba City, California.  Any information can be e-mailed to me at parrot@jps.net.
5/10/99 - LOST, CA -  Lost cockatiel in Concord, California. whitefaced pearl cockatiel lost in Concord, vicinity Clayton rd. and Baily. mostly white with some grey feathers on wings. Friendly with family, may be able to pick up.  xkat@webtv.net (Kathy Mora)
4/18/99 - LOST, CA -  Tame green conure flew away. Family lives in the vicinity of 805 and Balboa near Convoy.  Lost the bird Sunday, April 18th.  The bird is not banded, is a feather plucker.  Hand tame. Jean Peters, Operations Manager for Parrot Education and Adoption Center jlohnes1@home.com

3/16/99 - LOST, CA - Greycheek Parakeet in Rocklin, CA. 11 years old. We call her a "she" but we never found out weather or not she was a male or female (but she never did lay any eggs).  She is green with grey cheeks and a pale blue head.  She also has orange under her wings.  She can be very loud at times.  She is very loving unless provoked; then she can be mean. She has many different chirps and says a few words. If found please contact me by email at zcritter@quiknet.com or by phone at 916-660-0288.

3/13/99 - LOST, CA -  San Jose/Campbell:Lost, Cockatiel, White & Gray, yellow face with orange circles on cheeks,  Her name is Squeaky, very tame and friendly.  Last seen Saturday 3-13-99 near Bascom Ave and Dry Creek.  Please call Karen @ 408-970-0255 or e-mail csckmarch@aol.com

2/22/99 - FOUND, CA - African Gray. Contact: Beth Schmidt (showcraft@earthlink.net) Telephone: 818 768-9901

2/7/99 - STOLEN, CA - Auburn. Law Enforcement agency:  Placer Co. Sheriffs Dept. (530) 889-7800. Report#  5099-01671
Species: Military macaw. Young couple entered store (20ish) and asked to look at birds in bird room.  2 clerks on were busy so said ok.  Few minutes later someone entered room and asked where Ollie was as cage closed & no bird.  Clerks immed. looked for couple & they were gone.  Did not pass thru front door.  Back storeroom door was unbolted & open.   Next door a lady in 40's was seen in agitated mood, and stated at coffee shop to hurrry as she was waiting with a bird in the car. When questioned, she stated she had just bought a macaw next door.  This is believed to be the lookout while the couple was getting the bird. Descrip. of bird:  Primarily green with distinct red band above beak. 4 yrs. old.  DNA male, #ID 181030MIM Zoogen DNA (no band on bird). Says "Ta-Da" & By-by.  very tame. Sharon Johnston sunacres@jps.net

12/12/98 - FOUND, CA - Two 6 month old congo african greys were stolen from "Parrots Naturally" bird store in Tarzana, California. There is little description of the thief at this time. The greys' band numbers are LPB2 and LPB3 respectively. If anyone has any information regarding these greys, please contact Nancy at email address "nancy@601.com". Or call "Parrots Naturally" directly at (818) 787-7277.

11/22/98 - FOUND, CA - I lost a Female Timneh African Grey 6 yrs old in Spring Valley area of San Diego on 11-22-98. Light for a Timneh. Talks. "don't bite, want some, hey bird, smokey" and more. RCozby3290@aol.com

10/27/98 - FOUND, CA - Lutino Cockatiel - male, probably a breeding bird. White Face Cockatiel - male, probably an aviary bird. Pied Cockatiel - Show quality. Brought to the Humane Society on 10/25/98. Contact Debbie, Adoption Counselor of the Humane Society in San Diego, CA (619) 236-4259 or (619) 595-4532

10/19/98 - FOUND, CA - My neighbor had a Conure fly into their garage, real friendly. She will post the lost bird in her area but she can not keep the bird for long as she's works for the airline and is hardly ever home. I will take the bird till the owner is found or find a good home for it but would certainly be nice if it was re-united with it's rightful parents. I have not seen the bird yet but will know more today. My son said it was mostly green..green-checked maybe. Thanks..Camille crasner@pcocd2.intel.com

9/30/98 - LOST, CA - African Grey. Lost from Encinitas, CA. Kona is 3 years old, on the small side and has a purple band on one foot. She signs whistles and talks. A "cluck" from smacking your tongue gets her attention. She knows many words and phrases. She is a little nippy when scared. She says her name Kona and also sings a song "I'm a Kona bird and that's ok, I work all day and I sleep all night". She also whistles In the Mood , Old Mcdonald, and The wizard of Oz. She also sings We're off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of Oz. She says, apple, cheese, red grapes, kisses, let me out, step up, see you later alligator, hello, shower, bye bye, and also calls our dog Buckie by saying Buckie, come here buckie and whistles for him. She makes that clucking sound made with our tongue quite often. She's an incredible little bird! She does call our names...Linda and says Hi Paul. I miss her dearly and hope she is safe somewhere! Please contact Linda or Paul if found at lindapaul@home.com Your help is greatly appreciated! Thankyou! P Linda

9/15/98 - FOUND, CA - a grey cockatiel with orange cheeks approximately two weeks ago on Market Street near Powell in San Francisco, California. It has no leg band. It is eating well and seems to be recovering from its trauma nicely. If you know of anyone who has lost a grey cockatiel in the San Francisco area, please let me know. Contact: K3moto@aol.com

9/14/98 - FOUND, CA - in the Culver City/L.A. area. A Blue and Gold has escaped and is being attacked and plucked by crows. The bird was spotted yesterday just east of Sepulveda and south of Culver Blvd. It appears that the bird is NOT tame, and may actually be in need of rescuing, if caught, as the owner is supposedly aware of the bird's location without taking the steps to bring the bird to safety. Anyone who lives in this area might want to try to help rescue this bird. There are no official organizations in Culver City that will help rescue a bird. Anyone wanting more information who lives in the area should email Vera at rmagick@westworld.com. She spent several hours yesterday trying to coax it out of the tree.

9/13/98 - LOST, CA - Mountain View, California (San Antonio entrance to Shoreline Park). Senegal parrot named Ella. Green body, gray head and yellowish-orange chest. 1-1 /2 years old. 8 to 9 inches long. Sounds: squeaky door, "happy" whistle. Heads for shoulder when picked up. Email cm_sweeney@yahoo.com.

8/23/98 - LOST, CA - A small green Parrot lost at Arrow and Mountain in Upland, California. This bird can fly and did owner Barbara (call) at 909-985-5880, does not have computer access.   This bird can Whisle and will come when called.  This bird is also Banded.  Please call owner of above for identifying information.  Or Email me at SJGold@Prodigy.net

8/21/98 - FOUND, CA - Found Parrot, corner of Laurel & Thorne in San Diego. This bird either has a head injury or was poisoned, so the owner will be required to reimburse PEAC for vet fees. Call 619-232-2409 to identify.

8/16/98 - STOLEN, CA - Very big reward! Daisy was stolen from her cage inside the Ramada Inn and Suites on Lundy's Ln. These were professionals! Took poor Daisy in broad daylight through the top of her cage, feathers showed the trail where they took poor Daisy out of the hotel through the back door! Please help her! She is suffering from a severe medical condition. If brought back in good shape, no questions asked! Will reward very handsomely! She is a feather picker, and approximately 13 years of age. All of us are heart-broken! Please return her to the Ramada Inn and Suites and they will contact me immediately! She loves grapes and bananas and warm baked potatoes. No skin on the potatoes please, and she loves yams! Thank you so very much for your time and consideration! Phone number to call collect: 909-672-7432 Ask for Mrs. Ballard

8/15/98 - FOUND, CA - Spotted midtown Sacramento in the area of Stockton & T streets: Mostly green with horn colored bill. My first impression is a male eclectus but may be a conure. Tried to lure it in by putting my Nanday & Hahn's outside to call to it. (It was answering earlier) but have not seen it since 10:00 am. Was in the neighborhood for 2 hrs this am. Have put out food, water, & cage & will keep trying to lure it back. Ljordan@sprintmail.com

8/12/98 - LOST, CA - 5-year old Yellow Nape Amazon, Paco decided to open his cage and fly away from his home on A Street in Coronado, CA on 08/12/98. Contact vwixen@tfb.com

8/4/98 - FOUND, CA - Found cockatiel on Normal Ave., La Mesa, CA. August 4, 1998. Call PEAC at 619-232-2409 to identify.
7/29/98 - LOST, CA - Lost Timneh African Grey, named Kenya, in Citrus Heights (near Sacramento), California. She has a long clip that allows her to glide a few feet off the ground. Contact name: Jessica Phone number: 916-729-0917 
7/25/98 - FOUND, CA - I have found a pet Cockatiel in San Jose. Date found: July 25,1998. yellow and gray with orange cheeks. I do not have a picture of this bird. Is there any way you can help me find the owner or someone who would be a good owner to this sweet bird?Thank you. PaigesTurn@aol.com
7/25/98 - STOLEN, CA - I went to Petsmart today in Stockton where they have a young Too about the size of a young Timneh. This bird was REALLY friendly. Someone took him out the front door. The counter guy (a young bozo) said that it either was stolen or walked out the door. Anyway, it is a sweet bird and I don't have any band ID for it. 
7/17/98 - FOUND, CA - African Grey. Sunnyvale, CA. No legband was on this bird. Followed me from the pool to my apt, By flying up apprx. 40 ft to the balcony. If someone lost this bird, they should know the area and kind they lost. I'm not a bird enthusiast, but this one may make me one. We would like to locate its companion. Just email if you can help. Identification factor withheld. E-Mail: mnkyshy1@ix.netcom 
7/15/98 - LOST, CA - A cinnamon cockatiel, less than a year old, was lost in the Rivera area of Santa Barbara, CA. Her name is Citrus. She doesn't whistle but does mutter. . . Please contact me at matsm@silcom.com. Thanks. Susan 
7/15/98 - FOUND, CA - Found a baby parakeet (able to fly) around my avaries last night. I live in Santa Barbara, Cal. I am asking people to call and identify it. My phone number is: 805-569-6994. Can leave message if I am at work and I will call them back. Susan Mahaffey-Email: matsm@silcom.com 
7/12/98 - LOST, CA - REWARD! Lost from Spring Valley area of San Diego (off Lamar) - Older breeder pair of Greenwing Macaws got out of cage. Not tame...breeder birds. Owners think they're banded...they are definitely microchipped. Fully flighted...excellent fliers. The pair is bonded so are probably close together. If one bird is sighted the other may be nearby. If found contact Josh at (619)229-0253 
7/7/98 - LOST, CA?, NY? - Oliver is an Umbrella Cockatoo who escaped in Westchester Tuesday night. He is not banded. His pattern of speech goes something like "How are you-ee-you-ee-you". If anyone hears anything at all about a loose Umbrella in Los Angeles, please e-mail me. His distraught owner, a member of my bird club, is not online. Fran FranLong@aol.com 
7/7/98 - LOST, CA - REWARD!! Jill lost her 1 yr. old male Senegal, Biko, 07/07/98 around 7:00 from her Carmel Mtn. Ranch home located on San Diego Rancho Carmel Drive in between Ted Williams Parkway and Carmel Mtn. Rd. in North County (San Diego). Backyard borders Interstate 15. The bird's wings were clipped, but two had grown in on each wing. He did not have a band. Jill's phone number is 619-485-6522. Doesn't talk but does a funny whistle and does cat calls. He does know his name. 
7/6/98 - LOST, CA - REWARD!! A female (?) 1 year old cockatiel named Mikie was lost yesterday (Monday July 6th) in downtown San Diego around Ibis & India Streets. The bird was fully flighted, did not have a band, and is very timid and shy but she doesn't bite. Is tame. Doesn't talk, does chirp. She's a pearled cockatiel with yellow and white spots. Call Emma at (619)298-4750. 
7/5/98 - LOST, CA - Osco looks just like the conure in the movie Paulie. She prefers males, dislikes children, and has full flight feathers. She makes a low, distinct call of 2 syllables "awe AI-GH". Last seen at Camino Ruiz and Aquarius in the Mira Mesa area of San Diego in the late afternoon on July 5. Please contact pvollrat@ucsd.edu if you have any information regarding Osco. 
7/4/98 - LOST, CA - Del Mar, CA (Carmel Valley Rd. & El Camino Real/Highbluff). Cinnamon is a 3 year old white-faced/cinnamon/pied cockatiel that flew out the door. She is clipped. She has a band which may read CA55. Owners have had her for 2 months. Doesn't talk...screeches...is tame. Probably will go to anyone. Contact Linda Davies at 619-792-5537. 
7/1/98 - FOUND, CA - In Costa Mesa: Cockatiel: Grey to darker grey body White wings show when wings are folded (when the bird is resting) Yellow head and crest Orange cheeks. We found the bird in our back yard Tuesday evening. It was hungry and thirsty and tired. E-mail Dave Yencso: dyencso@net999.com 
6/27/98 - LOST, CA - in the Santa Monica area, 9-month old pet cockatiel. Dakota is a pastel pearl, will whistle when you say "kota". drops head to have you scratch it and likes blondes most. dakota is small, and sweet. she would likely take to a female. Contact val streit at 310-451-4270 or via email: vals3@earthlink.net 
6/24/98 - FOUND, CA - In Fremont: beautiful yellow parakeet. close banded. Identification factor withheld: number on closed band. E-mail Laura: parrot@goplay.com 
6/21/98 - THEFT, CA - To the lists, I posted this description about a month ago of an individual who has been stealing exotic parrots from pet stores in the Southern California region. I am sad to report that he has once again stolen a parrot. This time from a pet shop in Canoga Park, California. He stole a blue and gold macaw. I would urge those of you that live in California and frequent pet stores that sell exotics to notify the owners of this individual. If this individual is seen by anyone locally, you can give me email me privately, this way we can track his movements throughout California and possibly stop him or save parrots from an uncertain life! Male Asian aged 25 to 28 years old, approximately 5'5" to 5'7", weighing 140 to 155 pounds. He appears to be stocky wearing dark rimmed glasses, a baseball cap and a large black or dark blue jacket. nancy@601.com 
6/3/98 - LOST, CA - Barney Bird Missing; Los Gatos, California. Description: blue and gold macaw Very smart & ever so loved. Lost in the Sanborn Park area above Saratoga, in the canyon. Barney cannot fly, he got spooked and caught a draft and floated down into the depths of the woods. PLEASE HELP ME FIND HIM!!! Contact: Kandi Craig Email: marek@aimnet.com
5/27/98 - LOST, CA - REWARD - $100 REWARD for return. Cockatiel. Gray/white face, green band on right leg, missing from Pet Plaza on 5/27. Beloved family pet. Please help! No questions asked. Contact Valarie 619-477-0474; pager 619-652-2933 
5/10/98 - CA - My Lilac-crowned Amazon parrot was stolen from my camper-van near Santa Cruz California on June 10,1998. He was in his travel cage (which is too small for permanent residence). He has a leg band # AHBCC036 on his right leg and is missing toes on his left foot. If you or any of your members ever receive information about him, I offer a reward for his safe return. I am an extremely distraught loving owner. Beth Newell bethn@csufresno.edu Psychology Department PHS 201 Ph. 278-5133 Hm. Phone 431-2113 
5/6/98 - THEFT, CA - A couple of weeks ago, a year old male eleanora cockatoo was stolen from a pet store near San Diego. It seems an Oriental man and two women came in. When they left, they had taken this bird with them. He is a large eleanora, with a chewed crest, no band, lite blue eye rings and says "hello" and " I love you." My friend is offering a large REWARD to get him back no questions asked at this point. Please either contact me thru smloper@worldnet.att.net or barbara bailey at bbbailey2@worldnet.att.net The phone # is 520 531 9305 thanks... Sharon M Bloch 
4/30/98 - LOST, CA - April 30, 1998 in Upland, CA; while being moved this bird flew away. She is a Normal Grey Cockatiel, with a Silver Band. ID on the band is SJG. She is a breeder, is unnamed and does not talk. She is also wild, so probably won't be nice and friendly and come to anyone. She is a very good flyer! Anyone with information can contact the owner via email at SJG@Prodigy.net, or send a fax to (909)949-9722. 
4/7/98 - CA THEFT - Stolen female Eclectus Parrot from "Naturally Parrots", 19558 Ventura Blvd. Tarzana, CA. 91356. This very special bird was hatched by one of the breeder's pairs and handfed by the breeder's family. Like all female eclectus she is basically a red bird with a lavender chest who weighed 450 grams at time of theft. She also has a patch of green feathers on her head which is somewhat unusual for an eclectus. She has a silver AFA band on left foot with an identifying code of AFA CA JL 9724. The individual who stole her spent about 30 minutes in the shop, spoke to several other customers and bragged about his Hyacinth Macaw who he claimed to have purchased recently for $4500.00. The suspect also fits the description of a person who has stolen birds from other pet stores in the San Fernando Valley Region. Breeder/Owner is offering a generous REWARD for the return of this baby bird!! 
3/11/98 - LOST, CA - White cockatoo & Blue front parrot. Big Talkers. Bristol Road/Johnson Area in Ventura.  Reward. (805) 642-5739
3/5/98 - TORRANCE, CA - Naruska, PARAKEET: Blue & white. Banded. Says "I love you," says "Naruska." Little parakeet can fly, not clipped. Likes to land/ride on shoulders and head. Bird Owner needs as much help as possible - is recovering from a serious broken leg operation and can do limited searching. This bird was completly bonded with owner of 1 month who is deeply grieving the loss. All help will be greatly appreciated. Area of W.Torrance, Torrance Blvd., Southwood Tract, West High area. REWARD $500. Call (310) 214-9454 or e-mail birdhotline@hotmail.com
3/4/98 - LOST - SAN DIEGO, CA - REWARD!!! - Name: Primo Lost in San Diego at Mission Gorge and Friars Rds. Cockatiel - Yellow & Gray with Orange Patches. Female with yellow under the wings. Just over a year old. No band on leg. Contact Claudette at (619) 582-5358 
3/2/98 - POWAY, CA - Cockatoo. Four crows chased this bird and were trying to peck it down when it was saved. Contact Roger at (619)486-0266.
3/1/98 - SAN DIEGO, CA - Lilac Crown Amazon. 34th and Monroe Aves. in Normal Heights. Talks, doesn't have a large vocabulary. Likes to whistle before she eats something. Does not have band. Has been scanned. Doesn't have a chip. Contact Mark at (619) 281-4236 or birdhotline@hotmail.com
2/17/98 - LOST - NATIONAL CITY, CA - REWARD!!! Yankee, a female clipped Spectacled Amazon who is missing some toes and whose chest is plucked, caught an updraft in some nasty weather and disappeared from her outside perch. She's a sweet bird who will go to anyone but prefers women. Lost on February 17th from National City (in San Diego County) CA. If found, please contact Angi at (619) 336-0664 
2/15/98 - LOST - SAN DIEGO, CA - Unclipped Timneh African Grey-flight capable. Semi-tame. May go to a person, may not. Name is Wino. Great talker...talks on cue. If he hears "What are you?" he'll say "Good Boy". Says Hi Kimmie, Hi Crysta, Hi Kelly, Whatrya doin? Whatdaya want? He swears mumbles SOB under his breath and says s*** out loud. Flew out from an aviary into Tecolote Canyon in San Diego, CA. Closest cross-streets are Clairemont Dr. and Balboa St. A hair smaller than the average Timneh. If found, page Mike Copke at (619) 292-0852 
5/5/96 - YUBA CITY, CA - SEVERE MACAW AND DOUBLE YELLOWHEAD AMAZON: Owned by Penny Klever. She writes: The Severa Macaw answers to KOKO. He is microchipped and has two very distinct markings. One is a very severe crossed beak. It usually requires 3-4 trimming a year. The second is a missing toenail although I can't remember which foot. He has a very large vocabulary of which he includes his name several times. He is 9 yrs old,S/S male, was in excellent feather. I worry because of his beak. When it gets too bad he can't eat. Also he was a 2 person bird. He would only go to my son and I. My DY Amazon is 18 yrs. Female but cannot be bred because of papillomas. She has had 5 surgeries for removal of these. She is the Beliza DY. She speaks two languages, English or Im guessing a Spanish dialect (not normal spanish words)Her favorite saying is "I'm a bad boy". In the other language it seems to be a one sided conversation like something she hear from a phone conversation. She hates men. Unfortunately she was not microchipped. I know it has been a long time since they were stolen but i won't give up hope. They were taken from aviary on Tudor Rd, Yuba City, Ca. We have a name but no way to check it out. This person came back to get the Grey that was missed the first time. Any info or help will be greatly appreciated. I miss them so much as they were my family and "kids". Police/Sherrif's Report #: 96-0001558. Please use my E-Mail juljack1@gte.net 
4/12/00 - STOLEN, CO - Around 116th and Federal, north of Denver. Pet male African Grey - congo, 2.5 to 3 years. Not banded, friendly to humans and birds. anartgrey@mindspring.com
3/29/99 - LOST, CO - Lost CALVIN, a Rose breasted cockatoo, who flew away AM 3/29 near 92nd and Sheridan. It's a friendly 13-month old bird that should go to anybody, but has never flown before. call 303-744-7425 if you see or find this lost Galah. mattie sue

8/7/98 - STOLEN, CO - A local bird store, The African Grey, has recently had 2 birds stolen. 8/7 - 2 year old Solomon Island Eclectus hen, no band, wings were clipped but in need of clipping again. She is reported to be a quiet, shy bird who may or may not mumble "hello". 2 weeks earlier, a 3.5 mo unweaned Senegal, on its way to weaning. Deformed left wing,wings clipped,band # CO 9822N. If anyone has info on these birds, contact Karen Goodman at the African Grey, 974 S. Monaco,Denver (303)333-4101. You can also email me: Carol at jbrasaem@jeffco.k12.co.us and I will immediately contact her. Authorities have been notified, but have typical "it's only a bird" mentality.

In getting the word out about Walt Frey's theft,I've discovered we have a small den of theives here in Denver.The birds,it is thought,generally stay in CO or surrounding states.Some have been recovered. The following bird was snatched from Our Feathered Puppies, Arvada,CO in March.She has enough unique characteristics that she may yet be spotted. Tequila, 10 yo Military hen, excellent talker, very friendly, slight preference for women.She goes to almost anyone(or did at the time of theft). No band. She has a slight scissor beak. One of her short back toes is fused forward and curls over the front toe. Anyone who spots this bird can email me(jbrasaem@jeffco.k12.co.us) or call Our Feathered Puppies at (303)425-0288. 

7/29/98 - FOUND, CO - A blue budgie. It was found in north Denver, Colorado. According to the band, it was hatched this year. Dianalee Deter: paradisefound@Juno.com
9/98 - LOST, CT - Lost Cherry Head Conure in New Milford, Connecticut in the Van Car Road area. He is approximately 7 years old and is very friendly and answers to "Pretty Bird". Please contact the owner at 860-355-8717. Monica avianfvr@pcnet.com
8/21/98 - FOUND, CT - Found. A Barbary (Ring-Necked) Dove in the New Britain, CT Area. Contact bart@ntplx.net
3/22/98 - LOST, DE - My daughter was unaware that the front door was open when she was cleaning the bird cage.  The birds name is SOLACE. She is a Goffins Cockatoo, Mostly white with a touch of salmon color near her eyes and beak, yellow on the underside of her wings and tail. We believe she is a female but was never sexed. She wears an open band on her left foot. Solace is approximately 10" from head to tail. she was lost in the vicinity of Dover Air Force Base. Solace is very skittish and will fly away if approached but may be coaxed if spoken to softly and approached slowly. She does not talk but will sometimes respond to the Mexican hat dance. Anyone with information on my bird can reach Rudy or Lorrie's pager at 1-800-618-6164 and either leave a voice message or put in a telephone # with area code and we will call back. Thank you.

4/27/00 - LOST, FL - White Eye Conure was lost in the Fountain, Florida area (about an hour away from Panama City).
His name is JoJo.  He says "I love you", "Take a Bath" and "Hello" He escaped on April 27 at 4:30 pm.  A $50 reward has been offered for his safe return.  I have only had him since Sunday and is still fully flighted. dblcross@panacom.com

4/25/00 - LOST, FL - sengal parrot grey head deep yellow belly and green back. in Cape Coral/north ft myers area. E-mail Robin latti_dotti@yahoo.com

5/30/99 - LOST, FL - My son lost his parrolet in Tampa, Florida, today. He can reached by email at :  Bubles1@webtv.net or phone:  813-870-2085. Thanks. Daisy

5/29/99 - RECOVERED, FL - Bird Theft Ring Apprehended. -- MIAMI AREA -- If you live in or around Sweetwater Florida and had your bird or birds stolen, please call Sweetwater police. They have apprehended MANY stolen birds. It's alleged that the thieves were juveniles delivering the stolen birds to resellers. Contact the Sweetwater, Fl. police. Quakers and many other species were recovered. Jon-Mark Davey. jmdavey@QUAKERVILLE.COM

5/7/99 - LOST, FL - Jacksonville (Duval County) FL or surrounding area. Alex, 11 month old peach faced lovebird, tame and sweet. $50 REWARD. Contact: Jason Gawronski (bigdog996@yahoo.com) or call 904-220-5599.

12/25/98 - LOST, FL - One of a breeding pair of Scarlet Macaws went missing from the Jupiter area in Florida on Christmas day. The bird is a 12 year old microchipped Scarlet Macaw which is one of a breeding pair. It has a single yellow band on the wings and weighs approx. 1200gm. The owner's telephone no is 561 569 2206. law1@pixie.co.za
11/11/98 - STOLEN, FL - Pet Store was Animal Crackers in Sarasota, FL Sheriff Dept. 941-951-5800 Case number 98-105642 Birds stolen: I each of the following macaws Hyacinth, scarlet, military, yellow collared, severe, and 2 blue and golds Amazons 1 each blue fronted, lilac crown, mealy, orange wing. 1 each of the following: rainbow lorikeet, moluccan, green cheek conure, alexandrian, quaker parakeet, gouldian finch. Misc: 2 red lories, 8 Lutino Indian ringneck parakeets, 3 mustache parakeets, 2 elenora cockatoos, 2 cherry headed conures, 2 white capped pionus,, 3 diamond doves, 4 pintail whyda finches, 6 male canaries. 
10/29/98 - STOLEN, FL - My bird's sister was stolen last week from a pet store here in Ocala, FL. The bird was banded, but not chipped. I believe that she is about 5-6 months. Any info please contact me, Heather heather@MERCURY.NET
9/9/98 - STOLEN, FL - A family here in Sarasota, FL had a house fire that totally detroyed their home, they lost a cat in dog in the fire. They also had a little over 100 birds outside, everything from greys to sun conures. Well their birds survived the fire, but that night as the family had to make arrangement to stay some where else due to no home, someone during the night, stole over a 100 birds and killed a couple of the birds that they did not take. Maybe they(bird) got a chunk out the guys that killed them, thats all I am hoping. I do not know these people personally, but feel for them. Its been all over the local news channel here, and I will give you any updates if they catch these creeps. Houston, Texas Fourthebirds@hotmail.com & Southwest personal e/mail: Florida Thomasjr@netscape.net

UPDATE: When the family left for the night, 3 CHILDREN, ages 8,7 & 7 killed a couple of the birds and just let the others loose. Evidently these must be flighted birds. The police are not sure what will be done with these children yet.

8/31/98 - STOLEN, FL - large blue front hen with a band on her left leg was snatched from her lanai cage in Fort Myers, Fla. Sylvia needs her bird back 941-694-7930
7/31/98 - FOUND, FL - A *Beautiful* Blue and Gold Macaw. Very friendly and from the coloring it looks to be about 3 or 4 years old. AND, a Blue Front Amazon (female?). ALso very beautiful. Extremely tame and affectionate. Guessed to be around 2 or 3 years old. THese birds are obviously someone's pets. Unfortunately, I do not have the birds in my custody. The local bird store called me and asked me to post this. They had a couple in the store trying to sell these two birds. They went to three pet stores in town trying to sell the birds, and all three owners that they talked to said that there is no doubt that the birds are stolen. The police were called, but they did nothing and did not even go to the third store when the 2nd store owner reported they were on the way there!!! Anyway, it was a youngish couple (early 30's). They said they were from Tenn and were heading back that way. They were trying to sell the birds for $700 for the pair. The male is about 5'7", skinny, with jet black hair and dark eyes. The female is about 5'2" with reddish hair. She is about average weight. They are driving an older model ("piece of junk") Toyota Hatchback with dark tinted windows. I do not know if this will help anyone, but I thought it might narrow down a search for someone's pets. I did not meet the couple, but I have definitely 3 maybe 4 reliable people who did. All of this information was provided to me by my friend who owns the bird store. If any further information is needed, please feel free to contact me. Give me a little time though, I am behind on my email, but I will try to check for messages. Contact: Kori Hutson: myzoo@aug.com
7/3/98 - FOUND, FL - A lovebird flew into my yard the day before yesterday. We caught it, and caged it. It is semi-tame. Pompano Beach area. Margie: calmar@netrox.net 
6/24/98 - LOST, FL - Quaker Parakeet: Bird flew out of the house. Hubby was going outside and didn't realize the bird was hot on his trail. Apparently the bird wanted to make a landing on him, and as the door opened he had better ideas. Bird was lost in Brandon, Florida. Off Grand Regency Blvd. In WoodBerry Woods apartment complex. E-mail Jennifer Nelso: InerDesign@aol.com 
6/20/98 - FOUND, FL - There is a very, very sweet and tame Orange Wing Amazon that has been found in Boca Raton. I met the couple who found the bird, they are taking the bird to the vet for checkups and are very affectionate with the bird. They know how to handle birds, this is obvious. They looked for ads in the paper for a lost bird and found nothing. They did not place an ad for a found bird. Again, this bird was clipped (incorrectly) and is very, very sweet. It appears to be healthy, in good feather and is very affectionate, snuggling with it's new owner's neck. If you know someone who lost an Orange-Wing Amazon in Boca Raton/Delray/Deerfield Beach area of South Florida, please let them know this bird is being well cared for and loved. Gloria gheim@us.ibm.com 
5/23/98 - LOST, FL - Upon my return home after my lecture, I was to find my proven pair of domestic greys had flown the coop. Seems they removed both dog clips from one door, and unlatched both latches. They escaped Tuesday (5-19) morning. One is banded, the other I purchased from a vet, and that one is unbanded, but perhaps chipped. Vet is checking his records now. They are not really tame unless very hungry<G>. Area most likely to be found is Plant City/Lakeland, FL Any info call Jean Pattison 941-686-4532. Jean "The African Queen" Pattison FL afqueen@gate.net 
4/29/98 - FL AVIARY - 24 birds removed by thieves from the aviaries of Fernando Blanco, in Miami, Dade County, Florida on Monday, April 27, 1998, between 10:00 pm & 7:00 am The following birds are: 1 pr. African Greys, sitting on 3 fertile eggs, eggs not removed by thieves perfect feather, w/c, no bands, 3 pr Sun Conures, all proven perfect feather, dom, no bands, 1 pair had 3 Babies in the nest box, babies not removed by thieves, 3 Dusky Conure Babies, feathering, ON TWO FEEDINGS,1 pr. Dusky Conures, proven, perfect feather, w/c, female is tame and is going blind in the right eye, 1 pr. Moluccan Cockatoos, proven, perfect feather, w/c, no bands, hen semi-tame, 1 pr. Umbrella cockatoos, proven, perfect feather, w/c, no bands, male very large, hen medium size, 1 pr. cherry head conures, proven perfect feather, w/c, no bands, 1 pr. peach front conures, proven, perfect feather, w/c, no bands, 1 pr dusky conure, proven perfect feather, w/c, no bands, 1 single Cherry Head Conure male,perfect feather, dom, blue band, says "Hello". Pairs were randomly taken, it seems that all proven pairs were removed except 1 pair of 5 that remained.The owner is concerned about the 3 Weaning Dusky Conure Babies, they were almost completely feathered, they may have looked weaned but were not. As of 6:00 pm, 4-29-98 there was no case number available or detective assigned yet. Anybody with information or questions can contact Linda Meade jnlaviary@aol.com or Jean Pattison afqueen@gate.net 
4/13/98 - FL AVIARY - Ross Griffith of Ft. Myers Florida was hit *again* last night. Approx. 24 pairs of birds were taken. 7 pairs of Severe macaws, 3 pairs of yellow collar macaws, 2 pair napes, 4 red loreds, 4 mitreds, 2 slenderbills, 5 slateyhead keets, 5 dyh, 2 bluefronts that were not mine. Have exactly 9 birds left. Some eggs were also taken as well as most of the babies.
3/30/98 - FL THEFT - Monday, March 30th someone Stole 7 African Gray baby parrots from Jackie And Dan Gardner in Brooksville, Florida. The babies are 10 - 11 weeks old and have blue & Black or silver leg rings with the initials DJG followed by a series of numbers. Of course these have probably been removed and possibly replaced and as everyone knows a bird being sold without a leg ring is usually always stolen. It goes without saying that the Gardner's are VERY attached to their babies and just want them back. They are offering a $2000.00 REWARD for the safe return of these babies, no questions asked and no charges pressed. If you have any information that would help locate these babies, please call Jackie & Dan at 352-799-3907 or Email them at DGARD@Innet.com or Contact me at Oakbuddy@Southernet.net

3/20/98 - STOLEN, FL - Umbrella Cockatoo, name is Honeymoon, was placed in outside cage on front porch  of her home in  Key Biscayne where the bird was stolen. She is hand-fed, pluck her feathers from neck down but easy to handle.  She is a female with brown eyes and has one right front claw that grows a little crooked.  She chatters like people talking, but doesn't say specific words. Anyone having any information can contact the Key Biscayne Police Dept  at
305-655-5555, regarding Report Number 98-079-026, or contact Wendy Wood at (305) 361-7094 or via email at WOOD642201@aol.com
3/19/98 - FL - YET ANOTHER AVIARY THEFT - John and Mary Giep of Oceola County FL were robbed last night. Birds taken were all proven: 1-pair Hawkheads, 1-pair Double Yellow Head Amazons, 2-pair Blue Front Amazons, 1-pair Yellow Crown Amazons. Call 407-892-1837 if you have any information. 
3/9/98 - FL - ANOTHER MAJOR AVIARY THEFT - Ramone Noegel, of Life Fellowship, was robbed last night. Amazona leucocephla leucocephla (Cuban Amazon): A series of robberies in Florida has resulted in the severe depletion of founder stock and resultant offspring of this endangered species. These birds have been previously listed with ISIS. Their band numbers and color follow in the unlikely event the birds are seen or recovered with bands intact. The following birds were stolen: Band Life 94-242 (Orange) Male Cuban Amazon, Life 94 - 209 (Green) Female Cuban Amazon, Life 94 -226 (Red) Male Cuban Amazon, Life 94-207 (Green) Female Cuban Amazon, Life 94-205 (Green) Male Cuban Amazon, Life 94-210 (Green) Female Cuban Amazon, Life 93-72 (Purple) Male Cuban Amazon, Life 85-2 (Silver) Male Cuban Amazon, Life 94-232 (Purple) Male Cuban Amazon, Life 97- __ Female Cuban Amazon, Life 22-26 (Red) Male Cuban Amazon, FL-FC (Silver) Female Cuban Amazon, Life 94-222 (Red) Male Cuban Amazon, Life 94-228 (Red) Female Cuban Amazon, Life 89-6 (Silver) Male Cuban Amazon, Life 94-228 (Red) Female Cuban Amazon, Life 89-6 (Silver) Male Cuban Amazon, Life 94-228 (Light Green) Female Cuban Amazon, Life 94-250 (Orange) Male Cuban Amazon, 1746 (Silver) Female Cuban Amazon, Life 94-219 (Blue) Female Cuban Amazon, Life 94-221 (Red) Male Cuban Amazon, Life 94-228 (Red) Female Cuban Amazon, Two additional Male Cubans and One Female, One Male Double Yellow head and one elderly female Panama were also taken. 10 pair Cuban Amazons, 4 single Cuban Amazons, 1 male Panama Amazon, 1 male Double Yellow Head. Any info, please contact Hillsbourough County Sheriff phone 813-247-8000. 
3/6/98 - FOUND - VALRICO, FL - Parrot. Right now they do not want to give out much information. If you have lost a bird within a 100 mile radius, contact to see if it could be yours. They say: "We do not want anyone except the owner claiming the bird. We have scanned the neighborhood for lost signs and are watching the paper lost ads. I am calling the local shelter today." This is a small area outside of Tampa/Brandon Florida and that alone should help locate a possible lost bird. I will say it can fly. It is not afraid of dogs, cats, or kids. Berleyshea@aol.com 
2/28/98 - LOST - PEMBROKE PINES, FL - "I was cleaning my African Grey Timneh's cage on my driveway, as I usually do, when my bird escaped from the bottom where the tray slides out. My bird is full flight, tamed only to me, the female of the house." Mugsy speech includes: "nicole", 'hello', wolf whistle, sound of a bomb dropping, meows, laughs, car alarm sound. If you have any information.... PLEASE contact Karen Schiff at (954)438-8993 or Karenrpt@aol.com
2/2/98 - FT. MYERS, FL AVIARY - Ross Griffith Aviary in North Ft. Myers, Fl., was hit last night 2/2/98. Type of Bird(s): 32 Amazons, (10 DYH, 10 BF, 4 Red loreds, 4 Or.wings, 2 napes, 4 mealies, 2 YC macaws.) some banded, some plucked, some missing toes. Speech Phrases: 1 BF says "Hi Nikki", 1 BF says "Hello Tiki", one DYH says "Hello Darlin" and laughs like maniac- this bird also has plucked head. Lee County Sheriff's Dept. Law Enforcement Phone: 941-332-3456Contact Phone Number: 941-939-3680. Email: APic@aol.com or Apiccola@peganet
1/29/98 - PLANT CITY, FL - E&J Birds in Plant City, Florida was robbed last night. About 2-3 am a macaw screamed and alerted the owners who gave chase through a field. They could hear their birds screaming while chasing the thieves. Taken were 3 pair of Congo greys, 1 pair of Scarlet macaws, 1 male greenwing macaw-his mate was still in the cage The male G/W that was taken has a white toe. 813-986-2590. 
12/2/97 - ENTIRE AVIARY - Exotic Bird Acres in Cocoa, FL was robbed of all their breeder birds last night. They are obviously devastated! Be on the look out for questionable people selling breeder pairs! Taken were: 1 pr. Hyacinth Macaws, 6 prs. B/G Macaws, 1 pr. GW Macaws, 2 prs. Yellownapes, 1 pr. Scarlet vs. B/G Macaws, 1 pr. Doubleyellowhead Amazons, 1 pr. Umbrella Cockatoos, 1 pr. Bluefronted Amazons, 2 single male Bluefronted Amazons, 3 prs. Soloman Island Eclectus, 2 pr. Rosebreasted Cockatoos, 1 pr. Lesser Sulphur Crested Cockatoos, 1 pr. Congo African Greys, 1 Jardine Parrot. 1 Amazon Sings "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" 1 Rose Breasted has deformed beak - lower grows up over top one. Brevard Sheriffs - C.R. No: 97-196918 Agent Mike DeMorat If you can help, please call the Sheriffs office (407) 454-7000 or Bill & Louise Moody (407) 639-2473 or Donna Hamilton (407) 639-5611. 
6/15/97 - FL - YELLOW CROWN AMAZONS: Please help us find our babies! Rocky & Rosita. Stolen from our home in Gainesville, FL. Female says, "Rosita" repeatedly, and both whistle Spanish love songs together. They both love to laugh out loud. Female has very small spot of red in crown (unusual). Stolen June 15, 1997 sometime during the night. If you have any information, please contact us. Thank you. Clifton R. Lee, Jr.
11/26/98 - LOST, GA - "Baby", 1yr old Jardines Parrot was lost on Thanksgiving Day in Norcross Georgia. He is green and black with a splash of orange feathers on the top of his head. He does not speak, however he likes to imitate other birds and will sound like a Cockatoo, sparrow or other wild bird. Baby is probably frightened and this is the first time he is out on his own. Please help. If you have any information that can bring Baby home to Ken, please call 770-662-8211 or email: kenkol@mindspring.comkenkol@mindspring.com
9/24/98 - LOST, GA - Moustache Parakeet in the Woodstock, GA area. Max is a beautiful bright green bird with hints of yellow and black on her back. Her head is a pale purple with black feathers that resemble a moustache above her beak. She also has black feathers under her beak. She has a long tail feather that is a beautiful teal blue. She was just starting to get her pale red breast feathers. She squaks a lot and hasnt yet developed her vocabulary. She is a little over a year old and is very sweet. She is extremly found of men. Anyone with information can contact Kris Andolino at (770)928-0724 or vai email at andolion1@aol.com
9/11/98 - LOST, GA - Lost/Escaped Grey Pied Lutino Cockatiel - Alpharetta, Georgia - North Fulton County. Long Indian Creek Subdivision - State Bridge Road Area. Please contact owner Marie Keegan @ 770-664-1016.
5/10/98 - GA - Hannah, a 7 yr. old Congo African Grey was stolen Sunday, May 10, 1998, between 1:30 and 3:30 p.m. from Picadilly Pets at Ansley Mall in Atlanta, where she was being boarded. Hannah has a cracked beak, which is ridged around the crack. She also has a small red-feathered spot on her left leg at the featherline. She is generally a friendly bird, but prefers men. She also calls herself "Cruster Bird", calls the cat "Dude", and whistles the tune from the Pink Panther. There is a REWARD offered for her return. Contact: Kim Gollin @ (404) 881-6500 (day), (404) 681-9539 (eve), or Mr. Gollin @ (770) 226-9463 (eve). 
12/18/97 - ATLANTA, GA METRO AREA - Atlanta Metro Area had a rash of bird thefts yesterday, December 18, 1997, from three well-known bird stores. All thefts are believed to have happened on the same day. The following is a list of birds stolen. A BIRD IN THE HAND - 770-649-0035 - 1 year CAG named "Darby" wearing a band #PPH9698 belonging to Andrea, owner's daughter. Mitred Conure named "Nickybird", 2 years old. THE AVIARIUM - MOluccan Cockatoo 5-7 mos old. JUNGLE PETS - 1 Lutino Indian Ringneck 1 Senegal. If you have any information, please contact A Bird in the hand. Andrea is devasted over this loss. Or Sherrie Miller at 770-396-7938. 
11/26/98 - LOST, GA - "Baby", 1yr old Jardines Parrot was lost on Thanksgiving Day in Norcross Georgia. He is green and black with a splash of orange feathers on the top of his head. He does not speak, however he likes to imitate other birds and will sound like a Cockatoo, sparrow or other wild bird. Baby is probably frightened and this is the first time he is out on his own. Please help. If you have any information that can bring Baby home to Ken, please call 770-662-8211 or email: kenkol@mindspring.comkenkol@mindspring.com
3/22/98 - LOST, HI -  A HYACINTH MACAW has been STOLEN from the HONOLULU ZOO. Macaw is Banded on Left leg, band # is HZ006.  If you have any information on this bird please contact James Merjur At (808) 971-7169, (808) 971-7175 or email him at jamo@hgea.org  or KceesPW@hawaii.rr.com

9/29/98 - LOST, IL - On Sept. 29 Carla White was transporting a parent-raised, fully flighted male Bronze Wing Pionus to a vet, when the cage door popped open and the bird escaped. He is loose in the west Chicago, Illinois area and wears an open band - #SPBE 20-943. She is offering a reward. If anyone can help recover this bird please call Carla at 630-231-6845. 
9/27/98 - LOST, IL - Today {9/27/98} our 10 month old cockatiel flew away. He is yellow with red on each cheek and he is very tame. He was lost in Lake Forest, Illinois and our phone number is {847} 615 9325. Thank you ADVOCABOGADO@worldnet.att.net
9/12/98 - FOUND, IL - Conure.Chicago Illinois Vicinity: Fullerton & Western Avenues Call: Alvin Goldberg 1-847-358-0525 AlvinGoldberg@Mediaone.net or AlvinGoldberg@Earthling.net (with a g not a k)
8/15/98 - LOST, KY - in the Louisville area. Name: Harley. He has a gray head, yellow eyes, green body with yellow breast feathers and front legs of yellow. He whistles many different types of whistles and loves to play the mocking game by repeating the whistle you choose. Lisa Johnson, E-Mail: pjohnson@occ-uky.campus.mci.net

4/9/99 - FOUND, LA - found cockatiel in Kenner LA 4/9/99. Owner can claim by verifying band numbers, Contact me at jamercan@worldnet.att.net or call me 504-461-0913. Please post message for me.Thanks, Wayne

9/7/98 - STOLEN, LA - Five cobalt Indian Ringnecks were stolen last night from a Louisiana aviary. These are a deep, intense shade of blue, distinctive from normal blues. Cobalts are valued at $25,000 each. You can call Charles Collins at (281) 424-2080 for more information, or e-mail him with information at ringnecman@aol.com
8/14/98 - FOUND, MD - lovebird found in Greenbelt, Md. Contact deethom@erols.com to identify and claim. Dee...Parrot Rescue...Md
7/18/98 - FOUND, MD - Gambrill area. Found "normal" cockatiel (male?). Identification factor withheld. Found by non-bird people who will give the bird a home if owners are not found, however they do not want to keep the owner(s) from having their bird. Larry Nevitt Family E-Mail: Agent-lrrk7719@idt.net
7/16/98 - LOST, MD - Cockatiel - Name: Egbert - Age: 3 Months - Area: Catonsville, Maryland (Baltimore Suburb) - Markings: All Grey with white borders on wings and two spots of white on back of head. Husband didn't realize that he had Egbert on his shoulder when he went out to his car. Last seen circling over Newburg Avenue, off Frederick Road. Please help me find him. I have raised him from 2 weeks on as his parents were constantly pulling out his feathers. Will fly to top of head or shoulder. WILL NOT fly to hand or arm. DOES NOT like to be caught by both hands over wings. Thank you, Lynne R-K 
10/10/97 - LOST, ME - Lost on in central Maine (Unity area): normal (silvery grey) colored male cockatiel.  Chrissy whistles a few combinations, including the popular wolf whistle, and says (sort of)"pretty bird, pretty bird." Wings are not clipped.  Last seen walking towards Benton on Rt.139 (mail carrier thought he was a fancy pigeon).  My e-mail is: jstoodley@unity.unity.edu
7/14/98 - LOST, MD - an unbanded gray, male cockateil was lost from his home in laurel, md. on 7/11/98. if found please notify dee at parrot rescue. deethom@erols.com 
6/24/98 - FOUND, MD - Cockatiel found in Laurel Md. on 6/24/98. normal gray, banded. Dee... Parrot Rescue...Md deethom@erols.com 
5/1/98 - LOST, MD - A pearl cockateil was lost yesterday in Laurel,Md. She is the beloved pet of a widow recovering from surgery, who just didn't get the door shut fast enough. She is banded, but band number unknown.any information can be routed through deethom@erols.com or Parrot Rescue (301) 498-7148 
4/15/98 - FOUND! - MD - Barbara Joyce, of Ridgely, MD. has become the "caretaker" of a Conure that landed on a friend's shoulder on April 15, 1998. She reports that the bird "Is pretty friendly but will bite". No band and I have reported him to the surrounding counties SPCA's and Humane Societies". If you know where this bird belongs, please contact Barbara at : Bluebird@friend.ly.net. Please note that she has withheld some information so that only the proper owner will be able to claim the bird.
3/16/98 - LOST - MD - Monday, March 16, 1998, Sunshine (Whitefaced Pearl Cockatiel hen) flew out the door of her home in Silver Spring,MD, when the dog was let out. Sunshine is 1 yo and is banded; #MD97 LVI 114. No identifying markings or speech phrases were given in the report. The owners, Ruby Chadha  & L. Irving, can be reached at (301) 384-7941 or via email at birving@erols.com.
4/25/00 LOST, MA - bronze-wing pionus.  Gaelie escaped from her home just beside the university in Amherst on Tuesday.  She's timid and unlikely to come if called but surely is very hungry and scared by now. Gaelie is mostly slate gray with bronze wings (!!) and white around her huge brown eyes.  About the size of a robin. Contact Gail at Hm    gailbird@gateway.net or Wk  gpadgett@fdic.gov

11/30/98 - STOLEN, MA - from My Pet World, located at 1181 West Boylston Street, Worcester, Massachusetts. (508) 852-5560. https://www.mypet.qpg.com. A reward is being offered for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of the thieves. If anyone has any information please call Sgt. Dennis Towner at 508-799-8620. There were a total of 13 exotic birds stolen from My Pet World early Saturday morning. Six of the 13 birds were babies that are still being hand-fed. The birds that were stolen were: Dusky Lorey Macaw named Budweiser who squawks, "I'm a silly goose." Green-Winged Macaw 15 weeks old. Catalina Macaw 18 weeks old. 15-week old Macaw. Double Headed Amazon - 14 weeks old. Sun Conure -9 months old. 8 cockatiels. The thieves tried to get a white headed cockatiel but were unsuccessful. Blood was splattered on the wall behind the cages where they broke the bird's wing feather. Several of the birds had dried blood on their wings from the brutal assualt.

12/16/98 - STOLEN, MI - A Congo African Grey was stolen from "The Pet Station" petshop in Jackson MI a couple of days ago.  I know the chances are slim, but if anyone in this area is offered or sees a Congo for sale and you feel something is not right or see something suspicious, please call Dee @ the petshop at 517-787-9050.

12/16/98 - FOUND, MI - A Quaker Parakeet was found in Grand Rapids, MI. It has a leg band. If someone has lost the bird or can identify the band number to find the breeder, please contact: Sharon House, 616-457-7460. 8/12/98 - FOUND, MI - Kim Casto, of Ypsilanti, Michigan, has found a Masked Lovebird. She comments "We would like to get this bird back to its owner." An identification factor is being withheld. Kim can be contacted at 734-996-0060 or via email at jenlmat@umich.edu
8/29/98 - LOST, MI - Baylee, a 5 month old Cag, banded, and wings clipped, lost in the Milan/Saline (close to Ann Arbor, Michigan) area.  REWARD.  Any information, please e-mail me at: lisakw@umich.edu
8/18/98 - LOST, MI - an 11-year-old African Grey named Fred who is blind in one eye. He may respond to being whistled to. He was last seen in the park behind the public health building at Greenfield and Catalpa in Berkley/Southfield, MI. Contact Kris at (248) 542-6005 or via email at mizcmc@aol.com
2/15/98 - LOST - REDFORD, MI - Bird flew out an open door. She only has two flight feathers on each wing. Last seen heading north on Royal Grand, just south of Plymouth Rd. and just east of Beech Daly Rd. at about 11:45 am Sunday. Type of Bird(s): Hahn's Macaw, also called a Red-Shouldered Macaw. Name: Newton. Less than a year old. Almost says "Hello" and can almost wolf-whistle. Contact Phone Number: 313-937-2293. Robert Grayson. graysoc@mail.wcresa.k12.mi.us 

5/4/99 - FOUND, MO - Found approximately May 4, 1999 in South St. Louis County, Missouri. Cream colored cockatiel, banded, tame. Please contact: Mary Gawlas mrossg@worldnet.att.net

9/4/98 - LOST, NC - Clipped lovebirds escaped on September 4 at a Ham Radio Show and abandoned in Shelby, NC. If found and unwanted, please contact MNDePlume@aol.com
7/28/98 - FOUND, NH - Last night a neighbor brought a parrot to me that they found in a tree. He is at least twice the size of a cockatiel, perhaps like a mini-macaw. The majority of his body is dark green. His head is black, a very tiny bare/brown spot around the eye with a hint of white directly under the eye. After the black head there is a border of rust before his body turns green. He is in full flight. His primaries are dark cobalt blue as is his tale. His chest has a light blue similar to a quaker. He has orange pants. His cere is black. His beak is black. His feet are skin colored. We found him 20 miles north of Concord, NH. Since he's fully flighted, he could have come from just about anywhere. He ate fast and furiously, so that further tells me that he went some distance. He is tame. Understands the up command and mumbles a little. I think one of his words is "Pretty Bird." Contact: SBrusseau@FDIC.gov

6/4/99 - FOUND, NJ - Harrington Park (Bergen County) New Jersey or surrounding area. Parakeet (Budgie)
Color: Pale Blue/White with some Black spots. I found and captured a lovely, friendly (untrained) light blue/white parakeet (budgie) with black markings and a touch of purple on both cheeks.  This bird was found in the vicinity of the reservoir in Harrington Park, New Jersey.  This is near to the towns of Closter, Westwood, and Oradell, NJ. Please bring any information regarding its original owner to my attention at:  robin@hili.com or call me at (201)224-6331.

6/2/99 - FOUND, NJ - A friend was jogging yesterday in Mercer County Park in NJ when a bird (description fits a conure) flew over and landed on him and proceeded to cuddle under his chin. This bird is very friendly. It was hungry and thirsty and his feathers were tattered. If the owner is not found...he will have a good home...he already eats veges etc. If anyone thinks this is their bird...they can contact me. Ads have been placed in the local newspapers. Thanks, Peggy.  MSamp77108@aol.com
5/17/99 - LOST, NJ - Absecon (South Jersey). SPECIES=African Grey, approximately 16 years old. Gonzo escaped and was seen flying towards Route 9.  He's probably around the Absecon/Pleasantville area.  Gonzo doesn't like strangers and will bite, so be cautious.  We're very worried about him.  Please contact us immediately if you believe you've seen him.  Thank you. CONTACT=quark@walrus.com (609) 641-5982 anytime (we have an answering machine if we're not home)

3/20/99 - LOST, NJ - Cliffside Park, NJ. (201) 945-3600. She is a Pied Female Cockatiel. "Bird" (yeah, thats her name) has her most prominent black spotting on her wings. She also has an imcomplete 1/2 circle of black coloring across the front of her chest. She is very very tame, we've had her for about 5-6 years. She goes with everyone she meets. Will eat anything, especially white rice. Doesn't whistle too much, but will answer with a peep if you call out Bird!.

2/12/99 - LOST, NJ - Vader (African Grey) flew as I took him or her out for a bit of sunshine. He flew away on north direction of our river, parallel to our street, Wardell Avenue in Rumson NJ. Next day, with red eyes, I kept calling and whistling , Vader answered and flew over me in south NJ direction. I lost eye contact over houses and trees.  Vader is registered and has band No HJV 8160.  Vader belongs to my son, who paid for him with his pocket money and car wash over this last year. Ghislaine D. Blomquist. Blomquist tel: 732 450 9543. fax 732 450 1928. email: ghislaine@home.com

12/18/98 - LOST, NJ - All yellow typical Lutino Cockateil in the Lake 1 in Highland lakes, NJ area. Please call Vincent at 973-764-2473 or e-mail:vdg@warwick.net
12/1/98 - LOST, NJ - There are two budgie (parakeet) escapees flying wild in Lodi, NJ. If you know of any organizations or individuals in the Lodi, NJ area with the time, inclination, or know how to help me rescue God's miraculous little creatures contact me at:D5cats@aol.com
11/29/98 - LOST, NJ - Partner - nanday conure - was last seen Sunday (11/29/98) evening, around 4:30 pm at the 84 Lumber on Rt. 31 in Pennington/Hopewell Twp. NJ. I am posting this for the owner. Partner has free flight of the community, but has only spent the night away from home twice in the 8 years it has been with it's owner. It is believed Partner's band number is F92. Local vets, pet stores and newspapers have been alerted. Partner is a small (robin size) green parrot with a black head. Owner is withholding tricks Partner does so to be able to correctly ID the bird if found. Partner is a friendly bird that will go to anyone - and is often fed by people in the community. If found, please contact myself at the e-mail adress listed, or the owner at 609-730-4202. Nancy oldbarney@erols.com
9/11/98 - LOST, NJ - 1) gold cap conure lost 9-11 in Wayne, NJ banded call Tony or Susan at 973-942-1202. 2) lost on 9-19 in Montclair, NJ area Meyers parrot call Don at 973-509-7569 Gail Zchy47@aol.com
9/98 - FOUND, NJ - A family in Ocean County, NJ, found a Goffins Cockatoo about six weeks ago. The bird is banded and is friendly, leading to the assumption that this bird is/has been someone's pet. The family that currently has the bird is trying to sell it for $600.00. If you know of anyone in the general vicinity that has a missing Goffins, please contact designtech@litenet.net or call 732-920-3803. 
8/27/98 - FOUND, NJ - I have a very friendly cockatiel that was found in Union NJ area last Thursday 8/27. Normal grey male definitely tamed. If you hear of anyone looking for him, please contact me. Thanks S. Krinner Real Macaw Parrot Club hansak@cyberwar.com
7/29/98 - FOUND, NJ - in Whippany. A female pied cockatiel was found. She is very friendly and flew onto my shoulder. She is very healthy and only eats seed. She does not talk and is not banded. Her colors are yellow, white, and dull grey. If you think that you may own this bird you must provide a means of identification, i.e. a picture. Contact Karen Behringer at: utopia3289@aol.com
6/20/98 - LOST, NJ - Green Wing Macaw in Long Branch. Mo was sitting in the back yard, something spooked him and he flew away. He was in the area and stayed very close to the house for the first 3 days, but has not been seen since 6/22/98 at 3 PM. Contact: John DeNaro at Jeffd64@aol.com 
6/13/98 - LOST, NJ - A generous REWARD is being offered for the return of Moses, Congo African Grey. Circumstances: flew from deck on windy day-wings clipped but grown back enough to take her up- seen once that same day and 2-3 times in the last 2 weeks within ½ mile from home- once by myself and 2x by others. home near Drum Point Road in Brick, NJ - large wooded areas and bird sanctuaries. Moses - female says let my people go I love you mommy come-on, come-on out-out peek-a-boo. E-Mail Jackie: mootsiej@worldnet.att.net

4/14/00 - LOST, NY - My gray cockatiel Danny flew out the door unexpectedly. He is gray with a yellow head rosy cheeks white trimmed wings and a band around his ankle. He was lost in Plainview Long Island. A reward will be given to the person that brings him back safely. Last seen on Manetto Drive off of Manetto Hill Road close in range to Sunnyside Blvd. Please e-mail MSGraphx@aol.com or call 516 29576-1432. PLEASE leave a message.
6/1/99 - STOLEN, NY -  Sun Conure, 4 years old: Flew away from apartment building, 362 65th St. Brooklyn, NY. Band has been removed. Jacob says his name, "I'm Jacob" and calls other flying things "Jacob". He is fully flighted and his wings have never been clipped. CONTACT: Paula Siegel, 362 65th St. Brooklyn, NY 11220, e-mail: paulalyn@webtv.net    Telephone (718)491-3081 (call collect).  $1,000 REWARD for Jake's safe return.

6/4/99 - STOLEN, NY -  Yesterday 6/4/99 I shipped one crate of birds from New Orleans to LaGuardia via Houston on Continental Quick Pak.  The birds arrived  in LaGuardia and were stolen between the plane and the feild house.  I am  trying to locate a web site that has a stolen bird report.  The birds were an Umbrella hatched  4/7/99 band#TM-99-20 and a Congo Grey hatched 3/15/99 band #TM-99-16. The  grey was nearly weaned and trying to talk, a really sweet bird.  The umbrella  was nearly feathered and on 3 feedings a day at  60cc a feeding.  I am very  concerned for the birds welfare! Regards, Tessie  feathers@jps.net
5/19/99 - LOST, NY - 4 yr old African Grey Parrot. Family and parrot's sibling are all heartbroken.  Generous reward--please contact at (718)776-0689.

4/27/99 - SIGHTED, NY - Centereach NY - Blue & Gold macaw on 4/27/99. Being chased by crows. If you have information regarding the owner(s) please call LI Parrot Society Rescue at (516) 269-9468.

4/21/99 - FOUND, NY - Found Quaker parakeet in Farmingdale, NY on 4/21/99. Bird at vet for testing but seems ok.  If you have information regarding the owner(s) please call LI Parrot Society Rescue at (516) 269-9468.

11/28/98 - FOUND, NY - Reported by Doreen Hometweet@aol.com. Last week a ringneck parakeet was found on the North Shore of Long Island NY. The bird walked into a cage that had been set up outside. It had been feeding on the wild bird feeders with all the other birds. Band info, color, sex all withheld info to insure proper ID. If no owner is found, the finder is willing to keep. They have already purchased a big cage and are eagerly seeking out bird care info and finding a vet for a checkup.
10/98 - LOST, NY - There was a Quaker lost in Fort Montgomery NY 2 weeks ago. The bird speaks Russian and English. Has a band......will keep that info private for proof. Owner very upset. You can email me Doreen at HomeTweet@aol.com I will foward the info to the owner. She is NOT online. Thank you for all your help.
8/20/98 - LOST, NY - Lost on August 20th....Case, a Mealy Amazon has been seen the last two weeks in College Point, Queens. He is all green with no yellow or blue markings. Anyone with information about Case, please call the Long Island Parrot Society at (516) 957-1100.
7/18/98 - FOUND, NY - We were down to our breeders getting supplies for our fids, and a man and his son came in the store with a cockatiel in a crate....he said they were picnicking at the park, and the bird flew down to them looking for food. They didnt know what to do, and saw the store and stopped to leave it somewhere. Mike the owner has placed the bird in a cage for now, and we are looking for it's owner. The bird is young, unclipped (bad) very grey, with white on the tips of it's wings. He was some hungry! Dug right into the food quick! He looks very healthy.........Saugerties is right on the Hudson River, upstate NY 
7/12/98 - FOUND, NY - Cockatiel: Massapequa Park, New York. Contact: Hometweet@aol.com
7/2/98 - THEFT, NY - Stolen from Petland Discounts in West Babylon, NY Yellow Crown Amazon 3-4 years old, not tame. Band No. FLWWE95391. Call Long Island Parrot Society with info: (516) 957-1100 
5/23/98 - LOST, NY - LOST on May 23, 1998 in New Hempstead, NY, Rockland County, corner of David Drive & Carole Lane: a Bronze-Wing PIONUS. The bird has a dark blue body, deep violet flight feathers and tail, and dull bronze shoulders. The bird likes people and is close banded. If sighted, please call Mrs. Herrera at 914-362-5587 or Ms. Darnell at 718-204-5708. 
5/5/98 - LOST, NY - Barbara Beardsley of Mastic Beach, lost her Senegal parrot, Taco Bell bird. She reports, "The bird escaped from my home at 8:00 am on 6-5-98. He is partially clipped but seemed to fly well. The bird was neglected, and I've only had him six weeks. He was just starting to trust me, so I don't know how friendly he'd be towards anyone else. He is about 3 years old." Taco Bell is banded and does a "wolf whistle". Barbara can be contacted at (516) 395-3093 or via email at cockatoogirl@email.msn.com
5/2/98 - FOUND, NY - Today, a Scarlet (or possibly a Greenwing) was found in Melville (Long Island) NY (this area is 35 miles east of New York City). Just off Route 110, behind COSTCO warehouse. The bird is clipped, from what we were told. It is friendly, and went right to the rescuer. Unfortunately, one of the men took the bird home, stating his sister would love it. We have no info on the man, the car or any additional info. We are trying to locate him now. The Long Island Parrot Society is putting up notices, listing the bird in the newspapers and calling all pet shops to NOT purchase this bird, just in case the man decides to try and sell it. He seemed faScinated that it was an expensive bird. As this time, we have no macaws missing in the area. You can call me, Doreen, at 1-516-271-0363 or LIPS at 1-516-957-1100 and listen for the lost bird number or leave a message. Thank you for your help. 
4/26/98 - LOST - NY - I lost my treasured cockatiel, Greta, on Saturday April 25, 1998 at 6pm in Williamsbjurg, Brooklyn, NY. She is a normal gray cockatiel, 4 years old. Has bright orange ear patches, a long beautiful crest, a metal ankle band, and four yellow spots on the back of her head. She is very loving and friendly. She loves peanut butter and corn chips, and always tosses her rice cakes into her water cup before eating them. She has a very strong will, is very adventurous, and is afraid of the color blue and paper towels. She wants to be with people always. My telephone #s are: home 718-387-0698 and work 212-309-1399. 
4/18/98 - FOUND! - NY - Female Pied Cockatiel. Evening of 4/18, NYC. West 45th Street between 8th and 9th. Call Joan (212) 988-2543, or the Big Apple Bird Association, (212) 330-8160. 
4/10/98 - NYC ESCAPEE - Cockatiel, female cinnamon, banded. Flew out window, Friday April 10, late in afternoon. NYC. 9th Avenue between 52nd/53rd Streets. Contact Gary (212) 757-0078 or the Big Apple Bird Association (212) 330-8160, with any information. 
8/16/98 - STOLEN - NY - The stolen cockatoo's name is Daisy; she is white with a yellow crest, thus the name. Daisy is a greater sulphur cockatoo. Daisy says hello daisy, and pretty bird (not totally clear). She is a feather plucker so her chest is a little nude. No real distinguishing characteristics other than her speach. She is very friendly, and hates anyone petting her who is wearing nail polish, she hates gloves as well. She loves cardboard boxes. She is very healthy and has healthy female eyes. She was stolen from our hotel (my family owns) in Niagara Falls, Ontario. It's just across the border from Niagara Falls, NY. She was taken a lunch hour on Sunday August 16th. We have guests from everywhere who talk to her and bring her gifts. Thanks again, Robert
3/27/98 - LOST, NY - Cinnamon cockatiel (may be a female) flew away from home in Woodside NY on March 22, 1998. Bird's wings are unclipped. S/he will stop and listen when you call out "bird bird" or "no".

3/12/98 - LOST, NY - Timneh Grey 3 years old, missing some tail feathers, fully flighted. Lost in the Highland Lakes section of Vernon New Jersey. The bird is banded but owner doesn't know the #. She is offering a reward for the safe return of her bird. Her name is Carla and if you have seen a bird matching this description, you can reach her at 201-666-3658.

12/14/97 - STOLEN, NY - On December 18, the following baby birds were among those stolen from For Birds Only, Mineola, NY. There is a sizable cash reward for the birds return. 1 Hyacinth macaw, 2 Blue & Golds, 20 African Greys, 12 Umbrella cockatoos, 18 Amazons (subspecies not known). Birds were banded with various breeder bands. For more details, you can call John at (516) 746-3657"

12/14/97 - LOST, NY - My precious 24 year old African Grey (born in Africa) escaped in August from our Long Island home.  We underestimated her ability to fly at such an advanced age.  She is trained to come to you when you say her name MIMI or COOK as she knows it means her favorite omelette dish. If you found your African Grey without a leg band and very time, it could be mine.  Just notify me and I will email attach a colorphoto for your comparing. wildbank@PECONIC.NET

8/97 - STOLEN - NY - BABY UMBRELLA COCKATOO: Stolen from the PFO Pet Store in Kingston, NY in August 1997. This baby is 4 months old but was still dependent upon being handfed. Please contact us with any tips: parrot@plannedparrothood.com
8/97 - STOLEN - NY - DOUBLE YELLOWHEAD AMAZON: A 35-year old Double Yellowheaded Amazon Parrot has been stolen from an 80 year old woman on Long Island, NY. His name is "Charlie". The owner is devastated, as this bird was the only family she had. He is not a tame bird, and does bite. He is not banded. He says a few phrases, favorites being: "Look at the pretty bird" "That's a good boy" "Hello Joe" "Hello Charlie".Anyone who has been offered a similar bird for nothing or for $$, or anyone having any information leading to the arrest of this incomprehensible thief, please call TIPS at: 1-800-244-TIPS. There is a $1000 reward being offered for the safe return of "Charlie".

6/3/99 - FOUND, OH - The bird is: African Grey Parrot, found on 3 June 1999, in North Royalton, Ohio. The bird was poorly feather clipped. Wearing a leg band. (I prefer to keep the numbers and leg carrying the band private - for identification purposes.) Contact Rhonda at rbk@clevelandmetroparks.com or call Monday-Friday 7-3:30p.m. 1-216-661-6500 x259. Thanks again!!!! Rhonda

4/27/99 - LOST, OH - Flew away Sunday April 25 around 2:00 PM on Hoffman Road near Fenn Road. The bird is a male Green-winged Macaw. No leg band and not tame.  Call Jim Unger 330-722-6397 Medina, Ohio. You can also contact kiakime@apk.net or phone  330-722-1627.

4/7/99 - FOUND, OH - If anyone has lost a BLUE & GOLD, wings clipped, in the North Eastern area of Ohio, please call, "PARROTS INN", phone number 1-440-946-2473. Bird was found in a car lot on the roof of a car.

4/6/99 - LOST, OH - My African grey, Buddy, flew  away from North Royalton, Ohio on 4/6/99 and I am desperate to get him back. He says many words including his name Buddy and the name of another grey which is Koker.  He is on the small side.There is a $200.00 REWARD. Thank you very much. Mr. Jones can be contacted at 440-582-5456 or via email at AJJMD@aol.com. You may also contact BIRD PLACEMENT PROGRAM email kiakime@apk.net or phone 330-722-1627

4/3/99 - FOUND, OH - Bird found in the Toledo, OH area (I believe it is a Sun Conure) on 4/3/99. Very friendly.  Banded with a Florida band.  Email dsanteusan@aol.com or call 419-535-8771.

11/28/98 - LOST, OH - Lost African Grey in Mansfield, Ohio. One year old Congo grey, named Merlin, flew off his owner's shoulder Friday, Nov. 28. last seen in a tree 1/2 mile from home. If seen or found, call Jeff at 419-529-2043.
10/25/98 - LOST, OH - Lost budgie in Brunswick, Ohio Near Pearl Rd. just North of Rt. 303 It flew out the door. color:  Green and Yellow with blue patches on the ears. 4 years old Says Hi Pretty bird, come here, good birdie Email Jan Ratka j.ratka@hotmail.csuohio.edu or phone  330-273-5174 or they may contact us  BIRD PLACEMENT PROGRAM Refuge & Bird Care Services  kiakime@apk.net or phone  330-722-1627
5/23/98 - FOUND, OH - Found - banded Congo Grey. Must know band number to claim. Call (419) 693-8000 Northwood Aquarium in Oregon, OH (near Toledo, OH) 
4/20/98 - OH ESCAPEE - The owner's name is (Mary McFall) from Steubenville, Ohio. The lost bird's name is *MAX* - a standard grey cockatiel, yellow crest, bright orange cheeks, white tipped wings. His vocabulary consists of - Hello Buddy, Peek-A-Boo, Good Morning, Dooby Dooby Do, and Go Pee Pee. They say he's got a stubborn attitude, and is a rascal. He flew out the door when they were letting their dog back in the house. He's been gone since April 20th, and they are sooooooo upset. Contact: Mary McFall at: 740-282-5370.

5/5/99 - LOST, OK - N.W. 10th and Rockwell, Oklahoma City, OK. Pet Lutino Cockatiel, 2 years old. Cracker is not very big for a cockatiel, he's all white with just a hint of yellow, and a yellow crest and orange cheeks.  He's very sweet, says Pretty bird, and some other stuff that's hard to understand, whistles several things, like pop goes the weasle and he "tries" to whistle the Andy Griffith tune.  He's never had his wings clipped, and he's never ever even tried to get out of the house before, he's very clingy, he likes to be around me 24 hours a day.  There is a REWARD for his safe return. Contact Shelly Hodge at sjhodge@home.com or call (405)787-8263 collect.

8/10/98 - STOLEN, OK - in Idabel. Between the hours of 11:00pm & 4:00 am someone entered the nursery area & removed these babies+1 feeding syringe+bag of formula. They took some of the containers the babies were in + they looked around & found a grey baby that was not doing well & in isolation & took it too.Whoever did this has some knowledge of this set up and a limited knowledge of parrots. Babies: 8 African grey(down covered), 1 sick who had been in isolation, not large enough for bands. Double yellowhead amazon just feathered. 2 blueheaded Pionus with down&green wings only. 9 Sun conures , fully feathered. Adults:1 double yellowhead amazon. 1 pair mealy amazons(red and yellow spots on head) attempted 1 scarlet macaw hen found hanging on outside of cage with door open and strange glove on ground nearby. Anyone with information can contact the McCurtain County Sheriff's Dept. 1-580-286-3331, regarding report # 98008033 or email wfrey@mchep.osrhe.edu or Call 1-580-286-2921 & ask for Ramona. 
7/14/98 - LOST, OK - African Grey. She is a big talker, but may not say anything if frightened. She can cough and whistle for our dog-call out Sadie, Sadie or say shut up! She also says "trouble" which is the name of our other grey and can whistle several tunes including Bridge Over the River Quai. We take her outside often and she had just had her wings clipped. Something must have startled her and she flew about 200 yards into a stand of trees. We were unable to see her because this was about 8 pm last Sunday evening. This was at 23rd and Douglas, north on Donna Lane in Spencer, OK-right around the corner from Spencer High School. Contact: Leland McCormick (405) 769-5843, E-Mail: leland@oklahoma.net 
7/12/98 - LOST, OK - Pet female Congo African Grey about 8 yrs. old. Ellie flew off my wife's arm about 8 pm last Sunday evening. She had just had her wings clipped but something startled her and she flew about 200 yards into a wooded area. We were on 23rd and Douglas, just north of Donna Lane and around the corner from Star Spencer High School. (Spencer is near Okla City). Ellie talks quite a bit and whistles, too, but may not if she is frightened. We are worried to death about her. Please notify us if you find our precious grey. Call me at (405)769-5843 or E-mail me, Leland McCormick, at leland@oklahoma.net.

5/27/99 - FOUND, OR - Clackamas, Oregon.  It is an adult male cockatiel, yellow head, orange "cheeks", grey wings with white patches, some patterning on body, partially clipped.  He is VERY tame and friendly.  Anyone who may have lost  this bird can e-mail me at VSchnidrig@aol.com or call (503) 794-8143,

10/3/98 - LOST, OR - It is so hard to write this, but my beautiful little TAG Pammie flew out the balcony door of my apartment this evening. I wrote a short time ago about how her bad wing clip is finally growing out and she is flying. I took her to the vet last week and she advised me to wait to clip her until more feathers have grown in. I was sure that Pammie would be safe, since the only way she could get out is through the balcony door which I rarely open. But tonight, I opened it for just a second to pick a tomato for dinner, she startled, and she was gone! And it's all because of my carelessness! I suspect she is in one of the tall elms in the park blocks in downtown Portland. Please keep us in your prayers. Caren and Paminaa (out in the cold and rain) carens@EARTHLINK.NET
7/11/98 - FOUND, OR - Amazon found in Portland, Oregon. Band is AEA. Anyone know who this breeder is? Andrew: waterman@spiritone.com
5/31/98 - FOUND, OR - Cockatiel found in the Gladstone area of Oregon. Please phone (541) 447-3431 to identify (so I can make sure the proper owner(s) claim the bird). Comments regarding circumstances: I want to be sure the proper owner retrieves this bird and not someone looking for a free bird... Thanks!

5/28/99 - LOST, PA -  Timneh African Grey, 1yr, 5months old, Responds to name - CHIP, grey with red tail feathers, silver band on leg, lost in canonsburg, pa near south central school. Please help! 724-735-3234. Thank you. Laurieann summers. Email: lsummers@cvty.com

5/17/99 - LOST, PA -  Punxsutawney, PA Area. If found please call 814-938-6408 or email skidder@penn.com

5/12/99 - LOST, PA -  In Ephrata, PA:  Grey male cockatiel with a yellow head.  He answers to the name of Polly.  He can do the wolf whistle and say pretty pretty bird.  He had no leg band.  The family is very upset about this.  They are not hooked up to the internet so I am posting for them.  If found please email ttrim@ptd.net . Thank you. Tina T

5/12/99 - LOST, PA -  Butler, PA, just North of Pittsburgh. Please help us find these birds as the people are very distraught!!  The one is a normal Pearl Tiel, the other is a Lutino.  Both are VERY FRIENDLY.  You can contact me directly at Melszoo@aol.com or call 724-482-4455.  or call the people at 724-282-7599.  Please, any information is appreciated.

3/14/99 - FOUND, PA - This bird was found in the Horsham, PA area on Sunday 3/14 in a snow storm. Please email me if you lost your bird anywhere in the Horsham area and tell me what you lost and we will try to get it back to you ASAP. It is being quarantined and is in great health, but will need a vet visit soon. Elizabeth Kollars EKollars@safeguard.org

10/13/98 - LOST, PA - Lost normal grey male cockatiel no band, tame and talks lost around the 8100 block of Perry St. Philadelphia Pa if found e-mail Petbirdman@AOL.COM
9/28/98 - LOST, PA - Lost Congo African Grey in Levittown Pa area the bird was 1 ½ years old his name is Ben. If found contact Sharon 215-945-4738.
9/20/98 - LOST, PA - LOCATION=Highland Park neighborhood Pittsburgh, PA Type of Report=Missing PET=yes MALE=yes SPECIES=Senegal parrot AGE=4 years DESCRIPTION=Bright green wings, back & chest; orange vest; grey head. No band, fully flighted. Whistles, speaks many words: Hello, C'mere, C'mon, Who's my guy?, Who's my man?, What?, Richard!, and more. CONTACT=Paul Dickman dickmap@chplink.chp.edu Home: 412 441-6393 Office: 412 692-5644 
8/98 - LOST, PA - The latter part of August 1998, Moses, a 6 y.o. African Grey got startled by the barking of the family dog. He flew out the door and into the wide open spaces, even though he had been clipped. If you know of anyone in the region that has recently found a *stray* African Grey, please contact George Rudy at Shepherd@pa.net.
7/19/98 - LOST, PA - REWARD! Lost African Grey On 7/19/98 In Rawnhurst, PA (215) 745-2675. 
7/12/98 - FOUND, PA - Sunday, I captured a male parakeet adult, one missing foot and a banded leg? Very tame and starving! Please post this! Peter 717 393 7337 
7/8/98 - LOST, PA - A Timneh African Grey was lost in Quakertown, PA, last seen heading north, toward the Allentown area. Quakertown is about 40 miles north of Philadelphia and about 12 miles south of Allentown/Bethlehem PA. If found, notify Alan Winkler at alanw@nni.com or through the CAGTAG list. 
7/1/98 - LOST, PA - Lost Yellow Headed Amazon in the Torresdale and Sanger area of Philadelphia. REWARD. (215) 743-8183. 
7/1/98 - LOST, PA - Lost African Grey Parrot in the Academy Garden area of Philadelphia. REWARD. (215) 673-2324. 
5/13/98 - LOST, PA - Lost peach front conure, May 13 at 10:30AM in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania, close to Philadelphia. Her name is 'Moxie'. Something startled her and she flew out an open garage door. She says, "Hello" and "What's your name" and is very affectionate to people. Contact Steve or Bonnie Zipkin at 610-649-8482 or email bonniez@ix.netcom.com
7/22/98 - FOUND, RI - I found an American parakeet, blue and white, banded, in Providence, RI. Contact me at (401) 421-5600 or my email: Cynthia_Rosenberg@brown.edu 
12/10/97 - SC ESCAPEE - On Wednesday, December 10, 1997, Wilma, the Hahns Macaw, flew away from home in Irmo, SC. Wilma is young, less than a year old, doesn't speak yet and doesn't have a band. Wilma did not have the flight feathers clipped and flew out partly open door. The McBride's attempted calling Wilma back...but after sitting in a tree in the front yard for about three hours s/he flew off at sunset. The McBrides can be contacted by phone at 803-732-5907 or via email at lvfthar@aol.com.

5/7/99 - LOST, TX - Lost in Colony Bend subdivision of First Colony, Sugar Land. 3 year old Timneh African Grey, Ozzie. Ozzie is banded...you can confirm the band ID with me.  He loves grapes and italian food.  He talks and makes cockatiel noises.  He is also skittish around men. Contact: Tracie Gardner (281)265-9010. tjgardner@sprynet.com

4/25/99 - LOST, TX - Frisco (Collin County) Texas or surrounding area. Kissi, female 1 year old African Gray Parrot
Banded. Contact: Angelika Blossfeld (dataprompt@msn.com) or call  972.679.9696. $500 REWARD.

3/18/99 - LOST, TX - An open-banded, imported, Greater Jardine's Parrot recently escaped from Old World Aviaries in northeast Austin in the Walnut Creek area. This is a medium-sized, dark green parrot. The bird is not tame and is fully flighted. She will not be easy to recapture. She is a strong flier and could be anywhere in the Austin area.
If you sight the bird, please call Scott or Linda Lewis at 512/928-1200 or email at slewis@OldWorldAviaries.com We are offering a $200 reward to information leading to her successful recapture.
2/27/99 - LOST, TX - Ft. Worth (Tarrant County) or surrounding area. Name: Moochie, Female Sun Conure, Age 5.

Contact: Teri L. Copeland (naggnwitch@aol.com). Telephone: 817-485-8106. REWARD. Sun Conures are approx 9" long and mostly yellow and red with some orange and green.  Moochie is not banded or clipped. If you found her or know of someone who recently acquired a bird of this type, please call. 
10/6/98 - LOST, TX - Lost Congo African grey, Tues., October 6th in Garland, Texas - a suburb of Dallas. Tyee is almost two years old and has a vocabulary of about 30 words. If you have any information about Tyee, please contact Cheryl at 972-276-7954.
10/5/98 - FOUND, TX - We live in far northwest Fort Worth with a view of Eagle Mountain Lake. About 3 weeks ago, a bird that we believe is a conure appeared in our back yard. The bird has a dark patch that's either black or very dark blue above it's beak and below it's beak. Then the rest of it's body is very bright bright green with almost a little yellow on it's shoulder. It has bright deep blue tips on it's wing and the same blue on the long tail. It's not much bigger than a blue jay. Sandy calligirl@email.msn.com
9/16/98 - FOUND, TX - Finder: Elizabeth E-Mail: niteowl2@airmail.net City: Plano State: TX Type of Bird: cockatiel
8/31/98 - LOST, TX - Please keep an eye out for a lost grey in the Bernie area of San Antonio. My dear friends grey flew away Wednesday August 31, and she has been searching frantically. Thanks so much! Ann dheera@JUNO.COM
8/7/98 - LOST, TX - College Station area, 6-month old cockatiel, Lutino , yellow-white body, yellow face and crest, bright orange cheek patches. Goldie loves to whistle: the wolf whistle, "London Bridge Is Falling Down...", and many other tunes. Please help!! I love the little fluffy creature very very much!!! Call me at 409-691-8372 or e-mail me at meita@tamu.edu 
7/21/98 - LOST, TX -
An African Gray name Aladdin Flew away in the Park Glen sub division of Fort Worth near Watuga Texas. He is full flighted has no band, does have a condition that is being withheld and who he call for ID ing him he also speaks in spanish and english if you have any info on this Bird please call or email Jose Perez (817)660-3590 Robert Baird Phone #(817) 847-0855 rbaird@iamerica.net
6/23/98 - FOUND, TX - Cockatiel in Houston. Identification factor withheld. Please email if you have recently lost a cockatiel. chouchou@flash.net 
5/31/98 - FOUND, TX - Lucinda "Cindy" Beardsley of Dallas, TX is trying to locate the owner of the following Quaker. She comments, "Bird is friendly, laughs, likes to try to take your toothbrush and sits on your shoulder, if you're eating he likes the food to be shared with him. Would like to find this little feathered friends owner. Cindy can be contacted at (972)557-1113 or via email at cbeardsley@eex.com
5/31/98 - FOUND, TX - Angela Elkins of Prosper, TX, is trying to locate the owner of a lovebird. She can be contacted at: (972)398-6755 of via email aelkins@jcpenney.com . Please note that you will have to have the necessary information to claim this bird. 
5/23/98 - LOST, TX - Bo Pete, a yellow/grey cockatiel, flew out the door of his home in Ft Worth, TX. Bo Pete has no band and does have an underbite. Speech phrases include:"I can talk, can you fly" "Give me a kiss, (kissing sound), I love you." "What cha doin?" "Here Kitty, Kitty, Bad Kitty" "Rachel" He also whistles "Louie Louie", the theme to "I dream of Jeannie", "Take me out to the ballgame", and more. Anyone with information about Bo Pete's current location can contact his owner, Teri Stark, at (817) 738-5716 or via email at : tstarky@juno.com 
5/11/98 - FOUND, DALLAS TX - A Lovebird flew into a truck at the Greenville/Forest area (Dallas, TX). The truck's owner contacted his friend, Brenda Shaw, because he knew of her love for birds, and knew that she would care for it until the owner could be found. The rightful owner can claim the bird by contacting Brenda at (972) 557-7077 or via email at b-shaw@ti.com and providing identifying information. 
12/25/97 - STOLEN, TX - This mated pair of scarlets was stolen from my property in north San Antonio early Xmas morning (1997). The birds were chosen from other birds and thus we feel that they probably were quickly sold to an unscrupulous breeder. We have tried every possible means to find them and have a standing $5.000.00 REWARD offered for information leading to their return. No Questions Asked. Tito & Pope. Scarlet macaws. Female (Tito) has light yellow feathers on rump instead of usual light blue. Both birds have "orangish-red" feathers with wide yellow bands on their wings. Female looks a bit shabby due to nesting; male is magnificent and sleek. No bands, but DNA and extensive health records are on file. Female says "Sallie." These birds have been my close friends for 25 years, but they are Not gentle. Male is aggressive. If you have any information regarding these birds, you can contact the San Antonio Police 210-490-7273, or 210-227-7201. The case is on file with SA northside division. You can also contact Charlene deJori at 210-824-8099 or via email at: oceanica@eden.com .

6/17/98 - FOUND, VA - Melanie Hill found an adult female Pied Cockatiel. She LOVES to sing. She rings and does a lot of whistles. Identification factor is being withheld. Melanie can be contacted via email at thehills@richmond.net
6/10/98 - LOST, VA - Melanie Hill's Angel flew away from home in Richmond, VA. Angel has a band. He is a young male tiel, all grey w/ white wing patches and he is starting to get yellow on his head. He also has rust cheek patches. He will say Hi but it sounds like he is saying "I" softly, he knows wolf-whistle and does a whistle that almost sounds like a pigeon. when you want to pet his head, he bows and makes soft "eep" noise. Melanie can be contacted via email at thehills@richmond.net
6/2/98 - LOST, VA - Matt Gart, of Salem, VA, lost Doodle when he escaped in Cherokee Hills (Glenvar) section of Roanoke County Va. Doodle is a male Cockatiel, grey and yellow with orange cheeks. At the time of the escape, Doodle had a tail feather with a broken tip. Anyone with information can contact Matt at (540) 380-4309 or via email at gartm@vt.edu
4/29/98 - FOUND! - VA - If anyone has lost a B&G in the vincity of Springfield, Virginia...please get in touch with me. Annie (annie@unix.tpe.com
2/10/98 - VIRGINIA BEACH, VA - Last week Pet Paradise in Va. Beach, Va. was broken into and a Ruby Macaw (color=red: hybrid of GW/Scarlet) was taken. His name is Ruby. He is a 2 year old DNA sexed male and has an unreadable band on his left foot. His vocabulary is excellent. He bobs his head and says "Ruby, do you want to make a bet, Ruby, grow up", and several other phrases. Ruby was handfed and is very sweet - especially likes men. Ruby was loved by all.... employees and customers and especially by Blue, the Blue and Gold Macaw he was raised with. Any information on Ruby please email me or contact Pet Paradise (757) 499-9689. Judy 
12/16/97 - SPOTTED - VA - a green conure with a black head (I presume a Nanday) has been living on the roof of a service station in Alexandria Va for the past week and a half. This bird is flying between a Mobil service station, an Ames store and a Denny's restaurant that are located on Edsall Road East, just off 395 South in Alexandria Virginia.  Apparently, the bird is flocking with some pigeons, but so far when the pigeons come down to feed, the conure stays on the rooftop. bluesbrd@erols.com
4/11/00 FOUND, WA - Very sweet conure and I am sure he really misses his family. Found during the first week of April. Adam Winge adamwing@microsoft.com

8/22/98 - LOST, WA - A friends Amazon flew out door on Friday (22nd) evening. Near Manito Park and the Japanese Gardens on Spokane's South Hill. Belongs to young boy. Amazon's name is "BABY". Baby is approximately 15 yrs old and prior to his current person he was severely abused. He has a leg deformity because of it. He is fully flighted because of the leg. He likes grapes and scrambled eggs. call 509-482-4820 or email-hminor@wwpco.com. Heidi
8/27/98 - LOST, WI - This past weekend a fully flighted Lesser Jardine's named Toby flew out an open door and the owner's daughter was unable to capture Toby. Toby is 3 years old & banded, sex unknown. Toby was lost in Cambridge, Wisconsin, a small town near Madison, Wisconsin. Contact Rhonda at 608-227-7475 ext. 234 at any time (can leave voice mail if Rhonda is not available). Lesser Jardine's are Pionus sized-about 180 - 220 grams, large beak, green body with black tail & flight feathers. The black wing feathers are green edged. This particular Lesser Jardine's lacks orange feathering except for a tiny bit on the forehead. Toby says "hi" and knows & says his name.
1/5/98 - MADISON, WI - Two baby Sun Conures (6 mos. old) were abducted from Animart, a reputable pet store in Madison. Choo-Choo was an employees companion bird. They meant the world to each other and both birds are dearly missed. Two young males, 18-21, one Asian, are suspected. There is a large reward for the safe return of these beloved birds. Please help us! Birds are not banded or sexed unfortunately. Choo-Choo had little green on him/her. His tail was almost always ragged and short. He would puff up every time you preened him. Choo Choo says 'hello'. feathers@jps.net

5/30/99 - LOST, WV - Charleston, WV. Congo African Grey, 3 months old. Still had a little bit of baby fluff on edge of left wing. No band. grenda@newwave.net

10/23/98 - LOST, WV - The bird was lost about 10/23/98. Bird is a male cockatiel, grey body, yellow head, orange cheek patches. Is very tame and friendly. Karen opened the door to let her dog out and the bird flew out too. Lost in the rural area east of Capon Bridge, WV, near Timber Ridge Road and Virginia state line. She does not have a computer, so please email me with any information. Marie msannino@access.mountain.net
6/30/98 - LOST, WV - In Cheat Lake area of Morgantown. My husband and I purchased a congo african grey. She was 4 months old and clung to me desperately. She bonded to me. Well yesterday she went to fly to me and as she was doing so my child opened the door and she flew out. Unfortunately even with her wings clipped she was an excellent flyer. We searched all day yesterday and all day today. We have called every vet, animal shelter,pet store and have used every avenue we can think of. We have put flyers up everywhere. I am so concerned for her she was still on two feedings a day but was eating excellent on her own. She was our love, our pride and joy and with every passing hour I feel our hopes of finding her diminish a little more. Please if anyone has any ideas on what to do or things we could do to bring her home please let me know. Our home is not the same without my little angel here. She was microchipped. I am concerned that if anyone finds her and knows what she is they may try to sell her instead of finding who owns her. Well any info would help us greatly and thankyou to all for listening. Sincerely, Missing my beloved grey BAr3230894@aol.com 
4/18/98 - LOST - We lost our sweet Congo African Grey, Nitro on 4/18/98. She flew out an open door. Nitro is not sexed but vet strongly believed Nitro was a she. She is 2 1/2 yrs. old with band on left leg. Bird is registered and partial band number is 5887. We have certificate showing entire #. She talks up a storm: see you later, nite nite, go back Cory, come here, good boy, ... she imitates pager, cough, cockatiels. whistles part of tune from movie "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly". We really miss her. Any information is appreciated. There is a REWARD. Contact Denise & Mark at crittercare@csi.com

5/4/99 - FOUND, CANADA -  Canadian Gulf Island. Conure. Contact: bartlett meris@seaside.net

4/5/99 - LOST, CANADA -  Terrace. Moustache Parakeet, 11 months old. BeBe is mostly shades of green, with a pale grey head,two distinct bands of black, 1 above and 1 below his brown beak. From head to tip of tail  about 10 inches. He is also extremely friendly and says hello. BeBe is well loved and sadly missed by his parents Karen and Paul. You can email us at Paul_Lowe@bc.sympatico.ca or phone any time 250-635-1532 to leave message.

8/23/98 - LOST, CANADA -  Niagara Falls. Very big REWARD! Daisy was stolen from her cage inside the Ramada Inn and Suites on Lundy's Ln. Please help her! She is suffering from a severe medical condition. If brought back in good
shape, no questions asked! She is a feather picker, and approximately 13 years of age. All of us are heart-broken!
Please return her to the Ramada Inn and Suites and they will contact me immediately! She loves grapes and bananas and warm baked potatoes. No skin on the potatoes please, and she loves yams!  Phone number to call collect: 909-672-7432. Ask for Mrs. Ballard
8/22/98 - LOST, CANADA - Lost in Richmond Hill, Ontario on August 22, 1998. Grey cockatiel, white on wings, orange patches on cheeks, red ID band on right leg. Belongs to Budgerigar and Foreign Bird Society. Young female, 15 months. Friendly and affectionate. Wings are not clipped and tail feathers are not fully grown, nor is the crest on top of her head. Answers to Baby or Squeaky, or to whistling the theme song from "The Andy Griffith Show". Reward offered. Contact Irene Vitsas at 905-770-4824 or via email at jimv@idirect.com
7/98 - LOST, CANADA - In July, 1998, "Ariel" flew away from her babysitter in the Stanley Park area of Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. She is a white female budgie with a blue tummy and gray markings on her wings. The dark gray stripes on her head have just about disappeared. She is very friendly and tame and we figure she landed at the first backyard barbeque she saw. Anyone with any information at all, please contact me. AGE=2 1/2 years DESCRIPTION=Mostly white with blue tummy, gray markings on wings. Light beige cere that goes blue when she molts. CONTACT=Karen Hoffman aesops_workshop@yahoo.com (416) 588-8947 
6/6/98 - LOST, CANADA - There is a lost bird in our area, an Indian ringneck... He answers to the name ChiChi... The area is Toronto Ontario Canada, and the owner is heartbroken...:( Jen isis@cockatoo.aus.org 
3/26/98 - CANADA PET STORE - This morning, right after the store opened at 10, an Hispanic man, in his mid-20's was asked to put his smoke out as they don't allow smoking in the Yorkdale Mall or at P.J.'s Pet Centre. Then he went into the bird room and both he and a Triton 'too named Coco disappeared. Coco is in good feather, very friendly - will go to anybody; only nips when she gets over-excited. If you hold out your finger like a gun she will swing upside down and play dead hanging from your finger. Her band number is: RCH 9537 and she is also chipped = this is her chip number: 291B3093DC3B. The thief is 5' 10", slim build, clean shaven but with acne scars; has slicked back, short, wavy hair. He was wearing a black ski jacket and black jeans. Yorkdale Mall is in the west end of Toronto but the bird could end up anywhere. 
9/15/98 - STOLEN, SPAIN - Lost at Massana, 10 KM from Torrente , near Valencia , Costa Blanca , Spain. Blue & Gold Macaw , family Pet, not Chipped or ringed , flew through open window .) . I have asked for more info ! Please contact Chris , Bird Patroller, Costa Blanca , Spain , dbainlab@ctv.es 
5/18/98 - SPAIN ESCAPEE - Congo African Grey, in MORAIRA, COSTA BLANCA, Alicante Province, SPAIN . Answers to "VILLIE". Lost from owner's terrace 7pm Spanish time . About 18 months old , not banded, whistles, doesn't talk yet, wings recently clipped. Took off in a gust of wind from owner's elevated Balcony of her Villa. I'm sure there will be a reward. This just happened & we have searched for an hour already. The owners are German, but you can contact me, I'm English. Thanks , Chris, dbainlab@ctv.es 
9/17/98 - FOUND, ISRAEL - We're trying to locate the owner of a young male (?) Galah/rose breasted cockatoo which flew into our neighbourhood - we found him September 17th in our neighbourhood in north Jerusalem. He's a happy, gentle and affectionnate bird and in great condition. A & G Atwood P.O. 27515 Jerusalem, Israel 91274 atwood@netvision.net.il
SUNS, NANDAY, QUAKER: During July and Aug. of 1996, we had two H/F Sun Conures, and a H/F Nanday conure stolen from our store. Each was taken on a different day, while a different salesperson was working. This led us to make the purchase of, and installation of, a video system to watch the store. A few days after installation of this video system, we were hit again and a H/F Quaker parakeet was stolen, but this time we have pictures of the theft taking place. Although the pictures are not of the quality we would like, they should be good enough for prosecution if we could ID the perp. When we showed the video to a Sheriff's Deputy, he said, "My god, he put that bird in his shirt, and calmly walked out". The actions of both the thief and the woman are so obvious, that everyone who has seen the tape immediately knew that she was here to keep the salesperson busy in another part of the store while he stole the bird. Our store is in a small town, Rolla, Missouri, which is about halfway between St. Louis, and Springfield, Mo. codybird@rollanet.org

The following pictures are clips from the surveillance video:


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