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hm1. Kokonino - submitted by Virginia Hayes

The story behind the name I have chosen for my female CAG Kokonino. Years ago I remember the story of a gentleman that found a black bear cub which had been abandoned. He raised the cub for some time and I watched the story for all the updates. This name has always stuck in my head and when I was considering that Koko was a boy (which DNA has proven otherwise) the name still stuck and that is the story behind the name Kokonino. There are a few more photos as well of her over time.


2nd2. Jellybean - submitted by Chris Dickerson

We wanted a bird about 10 yrs ago, (we had never owned a bird) and decided to go to an animal auction where they had some babies for sale. We decided we wanted an OWA. We couldn't afford the ones there but one of the breeders (a very bad one) said they would sell us a baby that was 10 days old and told us the basics of what to do so we purchased this very ugly bird with no feathers, her eyes were still closed and had these huge feet. We didn't know what to name this ugly thing (by the way my wife said she was beautiful).  Anyway my wife was feeding her one day and having a snack of jellybeans herself and I looked at her and remembered when we got her she was eating jellybeans, so we named her jellybean and she has the colors to match a bag.


3. Woody - submitted by Karen Snyder

Woody is named after Woody Woodpecker because he thinks he is Woody Woodpecker. It is his great joy in life to sneak up behind people and scare them and when he knows he has them, he laughs at them or he gives them the wolf whistle. This gives him a great deal of joy and a purpose in life.


hm4. Sneakers - submitted by Karen Snyder

Sneakers is named Sneakers because that's what I was called as a child since I wore sneakers all the time.


hm5. Truffles - submitted by Karen Snyder

Truffles was the sweetest Nanday on the planet and was named after the chocolate truffles.


1st6. Georgie Girl - submitted by Marla Greene

I was at the Yankees vs. Angels playoff game at the old Yankee Stadium on October 9, 2005 sitting in loge section 20. During the 7th inning, I went to take a break and when I was walking up the steps, I looked down and saw a parakeet huddled against an outpost. I ran up to get a box from one of the vendors and quickly ran back down to pick her up. I sat with her from the 7th inning until the end of the game. Many people think she was named for the late George Steinbrenner. She is actually named for Jorge Posada who had a key hit and a couple of great defensive plays that propelled the Yankees to a win and kept the American League Division Series alive. Since I had parakeets, I knew I had to rescue her. People have asked me how did you know she would be ok. I was willing to take the risk. But on the way home, I heard scratching coming from the box. I was driving, so I asked my friend to see what was going on. Lo and behold, she had scratched her way out to sit on the top of the box. That's when I knew she was going to be just fine! She has been with me for over 6 years now and she still has not told me how she got into the stadium, without paying for a ticket! She is a happy budgie, always chirping. I am glad I took the chance and brought her home to my flock. Here she is with her sister, Lucky.

Georgie Girl

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