PLANNED PARROTHOOD™ wishes to thank all of the entrants in our latest birdie photo contest. The judges will be filling out their scoresheets to determine the winners - another very tough job for us. The announcement of winners will be made by May 15, 1998. Watch for the next contest theme.


PLANNED PARROTHOOD™ announces a new photo contest for birds - a gala costume contest. Prizes will be awarded for the best dressed bird and/or the best bird set against props. Use your imaginations for this one. All photos become the property of PLANNED PARROTHOOD™ and may be used in applications on this website. You may designate otherwise on the back of your photo or in e-mail instructions. Snail mail photos that need to be returned must have a SASE included with it.

Contest begins: December 1, 1997

Contest closes: April 30, 1998 (Deadline Extended)

Winners will be announced: May 15, 1998

Categories: Costumes: single birds     Costumes: Pairs or more  
                     Props:single birds             Props: Pairs or more

Points will be given for quality and originality of costumes, props, backgrounds and for the way the birds carry themselves posing for pictures.

Our current sponsors are: VitaLite - Light with fixture
                                            Hilltop Toys - Lg. Wafer Toy, Sm. Rubber Rings
                                            Parrot Junction - Pair of Cockatiels (no shipping included)
                                            Jungle Talk - 2 Jungleware Feeding Systems
                                            Phoenix Unlimited - Nutrition Plus Vitamins & CalCare
                                            Mardel - Various Products
                                            Aussie Bird Toys - Med. Size T-Shirt, 2 Aussie Toys
                                            Planned Parrothood™ - T-Shirt w/pic of winner



1ST Place: Single Birds: Planned Parrothood™ T-Shirt, Pair of Cockatiels (shpg. not incl.)
1ST Place: Pairs: Planned Parrothood™ T-Shirt, Vita Lite w/fixture
2ND Place: Single Birds: 2 Hilltop Rubber Rings, 1 Nutrition Plus Vitamins
2ND Place: Pairs:2 Hilltop Rubber Rings, 1 CalCare Supplement
3RD Place: Single Birds: 2 Aussie Toys
3RD Place: Pairs: No entries


1ST Place: Single Birds: 1 Aussie Bird T-Shirt, 1 Jungleware Feeding System
1ST Place: Pairs: 1 Hilltop Heart Wafer Toy, 1 Jungleware Feeding System
2ND Place: Single Birds:1 Hilltop Rubber Ring, 2 Mardel Products
2ND Place: Pairs: 1Hilltop Rubber Ring, 2 Mardel Products
3RD Place: Single Birds: 1 Hilltop Rubber Ring, 2 Mardel Products
3RD Place: Pairs: 1 Hilltop Rubber Ring, 2 Mardel Products