Parrot Blinkies

Here are some Parrot Blinkies that I've made up for you to use on your websites and in your e-mail. Feel free to submit your own bird blinkies to be exhibited on this page for others to share.  Send them to:  Let's see how creative you can be.

planned parrothood  parrots are angels  blue & golds bite
cag spoken here  i love macaws  parrots rule

To download, place your cursor over the image that
you want. Right-click on it and click on "Save as". Browse to the directory in your computer (could be "My Pictures") where you would like to save it. DO NOT LINK FROM THIS SITE!

Tutorials for creating blinkies can be found at:

Cathy's Corner

You must have a good paint program and animation program to use this tutorial. There are many other tutorials for different styles of blinkies on the web. Search GOOGLE to find them.